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Saggy, baggy, flabby upper arms, advice pls?


S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi, I've lost 6 stones on various diets over the last couple of years, almost 2 stones are on CD, which I love.
I exercise 6-7 times a week and walk for 30-60 minutes a day too, most of my body is firming up BUT my upper arms aren't AND they look so VILE. I do upper arm exercise with weights, use an electronic 'electrocutor' on them and use a resistance band they are not improving at all. Sadly the operation to reduce skin/flab on upper arms leaves big scars, or so I've heard, far more noticeable than other post diet ops.
Anyone know how I can make them look better, other than wearing 3/4 sleeved tops?
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I have no answers sorry. I too have flabby upper arms. My take on it is I would rather have flabby arms than fat everything :eek: ditto my tummy.


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Hi sharon,
I have the same concern and it makes me unhappy but I am still over the moon at the weight loss. This time of year it can be hard to buy nice T shirts that have long enough sleeves ! My arms are flabby and full of stretch marks. I am hoping that once the stretch marks settle a bit I won't look so bad. My LLc always said leave it a year before thinking about surgery as there will be some change.


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Hmmm...me too,I've got a lovely pair of bingo wings,jiggling about like a couple of flabby fins:eek: I've tried light weights,but that makes my shoulders ache,maybe when you've lost a bit more they may"spring back into shape?"My jugs are gonna look like a pair of spaniels ears eventually(they're heading that way already LOL:eek: )Still I think I'd rather that than a pair of oversized canteloupes;)
I think you seem to be doing everything right Sharon.Good luck anyway:)


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My upper arms are huge & flabby too. They revolt me so much. However, as said before, I would rather be healthy with loose skin than 10 stone overweight...

Having said that, I am considering a tummy tuck in the dim and distant future, and might look into arm surgery too. My boobs are heading south at a rate of knots, but I think I will make do with decent bras, as I cannot afford everything on top of the diet!!! LOL


S: 20st5lb C: 20st5lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yes, at least there's good support bras out there & 'hold'em in' pants, shame there's no invisible support for arms, lol.
I KNOW I'll be better off slimmer, health & happiness-wise, it won't stop me but it does get me down with Summer coming.
Next year, if I get to a 'healthy size' & keep it off I will have to look into 'boob work' though I think my tummy is actually going to be ok. Maybe it will be a case of scars vs stretch marks & bagginess where my arms are concerned, the pretty actress Amanda Redman was scarred very badly as a child & refuses to cover them up, maybe I'll just be brave too.
Thanks for the help, looks like there'sa no MAGIC cure though!


has started again!!
ooo-err... just googled arm surgery. It looks pretty scary, and see what you mean about the scars....

I think I will just wait and see!!


has started again!!
Forgot to add, have you tried the Dove firming cream? I am using it at the mo, as reccommended by another minimins-er, and it seems pretty good. My skin might still be a saggy and baggy but its lovely and soft now!!


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Hi Sharon,

I am as we speak contected to my toning thingy round my flappy flabby arms. I am also using collegen gel everywhere and the bio oil which seems to be working on my stretch marks. I am also going to aquatone to try and tone my shrinking flab. I will keep you posted as to what works and how but I am a bit in love with the bio oil he he

I have heard for each stone you lose ~ double it and thats the time the loose skin needs to adjust itself

Oh well at nearly 50 I dont expect a perfect body but a little less flapping would be great

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