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Saggy Skin !

Hi there

Just wondered if anyone had any tips for avoiding saggy skin. I've got loads to loose (about 8 stone) and I'm starting CD tomorrow. I know that I'm going to have a lot of stretched out skin once I start loosing. I've heard that drinking plenty water can keep your skins elasticity and also taking a collagen supplement may help. Any tips ? I don't want to replace one problem with another !

Good luck on reaching your goals everyone !
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My mum recently lost 6st and weighs in at 9st she says she avoided saggy skin by loosing slowly and sensibly. She also started the gym 4 times a week to to e up which helped loads

She does have a bit around her stomach but she did carry 6 kids so I expect that's the reason lol.

Once my sw journey is completed I will be so fed up if I ended up unhappy - mind you, I would have no hesitation in getting it surgically removed lol
Thanks Angela, I guess it's all about the exercise at the end of the day !!! Will have to ditch the car and walk more once I start to loose some. As far as surgery goes - bring it on, as long as I could afford it I wouldn't hesitate either !


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Hi TripleAMum

I have loose skin, quite a bit, especially tummy area, tops of legs and believe it or not by my earlobes ha ha!! (I had such a round fat face!).

My choice;
1. Be fat, unhealthy and unhappy
2. Be slimmer, fitter, happy and have saggy skin

Hands down the second option anyday!!
I'm worried about having loose skin as I lose weight but I guess it's not something that can put me off that easilY!!
I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, so hopefully this will help but still scares me, the thought of having to deal with it! :(
I think I was lucky 1st time around. My skin shrank with me. I am hoping for the same 2nd time around!
I use an exfoliating mitt every other day and apply a good moisturiser daily (as well as drinking lots of water!) I was told that it increases blood flow and helps you get rid of your toxins as well as keeping your skin in tip top condition.........also, it's nice to look after yourself - which is something I've spent years avoiding.


I love it! I found out about it during a massage - they said I should try anything with 'elastin' in it.. and personally I have found this stuff REALLY helpful :)

Im using Palmers too only for a week now but heard its very helpfull.
thats a plus, I love the smell of palmers! I saw on the Alizonne diet they have weekly treatments for the skin, one of them was a sort of vacuum, pulling the skin up through rollers and bringing blood flow to the top of the skin. Obviously, really expensive though! So I'd imagine a go mixture of moisturiser and tough massages might help.
Hi, i only have about two stones to lose, so was wondering whether il have loose skin too? Its only my 3rd day on SS. But i did go buy light dumbells, so i can start toning abit after my first week or so!


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Baby_r said:
Hi, i only have about two stones to lose, so was wondering whether il have loose skin too? Its only my 3rd day on SS. But i did go buy light dumbells, so i can start toning abit after my first week or so!
Hi there my consoles says as long as you drink your water it elastic ages the skin so should not be a problem ;-)


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YOGA. I did it for about 8 weeks last year and I have never been so toned, it was lovely, relaxing and made me feel good (why oh why did I stop?) I got a Barbara currie DVD from amazon, she is astounding!!! It really was the best toning I've ever had and all over my body too. Arms, thighs, belly, those bits that spill over the top of your bra under your arms. I am making a mental note to starting again this week:)
i'm very worried about this too :/ x
I'm using Palmer's Cocoa Butter mixed with Rodial Stretch Mark Eraser every day, body brushing with a dry brush every day, and doing Darcey Bussell's pilates DVD 3 or 4 times a week. It's very gentle, but gets you toned!
My friend lost 13st on WW... she was able to get her excess skin on her tummy removed on the NHS she also had a breast lift done on the NHS too. She looks fab!!!
My GP has said that they no longer offer this on the NHS anymore, i was gutted! Only possibility of getting it done is if you can prove it is affecting you in some way. Otherwise.. you have to pay for yourself which i think when i finally get to goal i may well do. It may cost a lot but you can get some good loan deals!!! But i know i won't feel comfy or happy with all that saggy skin although i'd much rather be happy with saggy skin than unhappy and fat! xxx

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