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Saggy stomach

Since I was around thirteen, I've had a sagging stomach. At one point I weighted nineteen stone. Weight now is fourteen and I'm on the Cambridge Diet and doing exercises to get down to ten stone - hopefully! I'm not 28 years old, so my stomach has sagged for about 14 years. It flaps over a couple on inches and is just disgusting. Is there any way exercise can make this better, without having to go for surgery? I plan on having children on the future so its not a tummy tuck is out of the question until then. But in the meantime, please anyone, do you have any tips or even know of non-surgical treatments that could work? Any advice much appreciated. xxx
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Love God; Love People
Hi ciwti, I actually don't have any specific advice but just wanted to say well done for taking positive steps towards weight loss. It is likely that the overhang is significantly reduced by the time you hit your target wieght. Stay positive!
I reduced my weight a lot and to be frank my tummy was not good and needed an operation.

Talking it over with the consultant he said there were loads of factors including

1. Age
2. Sex
3. Water intake
4. Exercise
5. Speed of weight reduction
6. Sun exposure in past (never knew this one!)
etc etc etc.

Therefore some people tighten up and some don't!

My only advice is regardless of whether or not you have a problem at the end is that no one ever died of loose skin and hence for me it was a nice problem to have as it meant I had finally got rid of my weight for good.

Thank you all - yes, will have to wait and see. Just when you start losing weight, you can get super critical about your body I think, even more so than you were before. One day at a time - and lots of stomach exercises then. Going to try bio oil twice a day, and pilates stomach exercises... Will keed you posted!


Love God; Love People
Just when you start losing weight, you can get super critical about your body I think, even more so than you were before.
Tell me about it! I am very aware of my body now and seem to notice flab a lot more than before I ever started losing weight. Well, let's just take it as cues to keep taking positive steps!
Phew - not just me then! I'm being so critical about every part of me now - even things I used to be happy about. Seem to be turning into a self-critical idiot. Trying to stay positive but its difficult.
You cannot spot reduce fat unfortunately, just as you cannot choose where your body decides to store it. Sit ups will help tone and strengthen the underlying core muscles but if you still need to lose weight and are reducing calories it will come off all over. Carry on with doing the core work though, it will make you stand taller, hence look thinner!


Carpe diem, baby!
Yep, what twinksy said, core stability and ab work (even weighted ab work has helped my saggy after preggy belly) I am 34 and at an age where the sag sometimes seems impossible to shift...I know it is possible and I work my saggy abs and glutes (butt) to the max and it's taking time, but getting there...yours will too, fat loss, good diet, exercise and good hydration (as well as skin moisturisation) will help with the sag...promise...time, it takes time...

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