Sainsburys Raspberry Sorbet


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I've just started doing SW from home and it's going ok so far ☺️ I have a question about food that may be synned but contains speed food - I believe it's worked out differently?

Tonight I've had around 100gs (quarter of a tub and just over 1 serving) of Sainsburys own brand raspberry sorbet. It's absolutely gorgeous and if using the 1 syn per 20 calories method it's 5 syns.

Would anyone be able to check the syn value for me please? I'll still be eating it even if it's the whole 5 syns but it would be amazing if it works out at slightly less.

Thank you mins x
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open the slimming world home page
click on the hearts
scroll down to syns online and click the syns tool section
select syns online
type in any product, supermarket, or whatever and you can access 1000's of sin values

Raspberry sorbet is 4 syns for 100ML not 100gms