Saksred Diary



I'm Saksred, and am embarking on CD from 22nd January.:)

I have previously been on LL in 2005 and lost over 5 stone, but in 2006 with a stressful job and a few ups and downs (lost my nan from cancer), have put on about 2stone of it.:( I am not sure to be exact as I am too scared to weigh myself, but I know I have a wardobe full of clothes that I can't get into anymore!!

I have been surfing around the site for a little while and am very inspired by everyone, and I believe that I can do it and get to my desired goal of 10 stone. I can't remember ever being that!!!

The problem I have at the moment is that becuase I am not starting for a couple of weeks - the only reason is that it is my birthday on the 16th, which I know is not an excuse, but have meals and lunches booked in - I am eating like there is no tomorrow. My husband has said what is the point of piling on the pounds just to take them off again - good point!!! My will power is c**p. I feel really down and sh***y, and have little or no motivation or energy to do anything.

Anyway, I am going to use this diary to help me my goals and milestones through the year and one day I will look back on this and think what a great achievement.

See you on Day 1, if not before.....

Take care all and I will keep you updated.
Hi Saksred....welcome to minis and best of luck on your journey!!

I am sure you will do really really well, but remember to start cutting your carbs and increasing your water intake to make the trip to ketosis land a smooth ride!
Welcome, and have a great birthday!!

WHy not record your thoughts from before your SS start, the start of SS doesnt have to meant he start of your journey, may help you to get thoughts in order.

I too had a start date, and ate everything under the sun before I did, I think many do, a taske of this and a taste of that!!

Good Luck hun, you can do it
Hi Saksred

Welcome to minimins and good luck with your diet.

You've come to the right place, I have always had shite willpower in the past, but I decided that such a drastic diet involving abstinence deserved my full committment...coz i only want to do it once really! However, if I hadn't discovered minimins in my second week i'd never have managed it! My second week was my week of doubts, I was hungry permanently and all i could think of was eating... but then after much browsing (whilst trying to take my mind off food!) I discovered minimins and not looked back since.

Whenever you have a weak moment log on here and there will always be someone available to motivate you... quite probably even if it was 3am munchies!!!!!

Good luck
Thanks for your support.

Vicky - I thought about the before and after scenario and decided to weigh myself this morning and ..........................
OMG:eek: OMG:eek: OMG:eek: I am even heavier than I thought. I have put on 3 flipping stones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and over the next week I have lunches and meals out and I am not going to enjoy a single one because all I will be thinking about is how bloody fat I am.

I am feeling so down down down:( :( :(

If you are starting after16th ... you only have 4 more days to go! Don't worry about the weight gain - that is all in the past ... once you have started the diet that is now ... and what you want to lose is the future.

Start your diary with your hopes and aspirations, your worries and concerns - then look back in a month or two and see how far you've come and what you have achieved.

Take plenty of before photos - and measurements ... and

Hi Saksred,

I just wanted to say hello and wish you luck with the diet journey.

I can sympathise with the feeling down...I felt awful before I started and I couldn't explain how I felt to anyone. I felt like a blimp and everyone was telling me that I was fine:mad: So I got mad and decided enough was enough. I started CD 4/1/07 and I need to lose 54lbs.

This website is such a blessing because everyone has been where you are and the support system is fantastic:) it has really inspired me to carry one when the going has got a little tough.

Enjoy your Birthday and your meals out - try not to think about your weight before you start your diet and know that we are all behind you 100%;)

Take care
Thanks Lenny - I have about 54lbs ish to lose too, and will be starting on 22nd Jan.:(

Okay - Let's be positive:
1. I have mad a conscious decision to do something about my weight - starting 22nd Jan.:)
2. Have booked in for colonic irrigation on the 27th Jan - to keep my spirits in and my insides out!!!:D
3. Have a holiday booked in Cyprus for 22nd July - and want to look fabulous in bikini.;)
4. I have done this before and CAN do it again - I CAN, I CAN, I CAN - (sorry just telling the little voices!!!).
5. Am having lots of lunches and dinners beofre then with people who care about me and want to be with me and will support me once I start.

There, that has helped - nothing like a bit of a rant.

Take care all and will keep you posted.

Hey Hun, Just think how fab you can look by July, so, youve asessed the damage, and looked at getting a result, what a great start to your journey, your husband does have a points with regards to piling on to lose, you can make great choices with compromising enjoyment, thing is, it took me 20 years of being overweight to realise!!!!

Have fun hun, not long to go now, and you can start your journey to who you want to be on the outside x
One week to go.....

Had a really bad weekend, my cousin died and am feeling very low at the moment. Went out for a meal yesterday and got really drunk and emotional, text a load of friends for sympathy - Feel a bit of a mess today.

Put on my trousers and feeling REALLY tight, doesnt help with the mood.

Anyway one week to go before I start CD - need to be positive and get my spirits up.

Take care.

Sorry to hear about your cousin.

Glad to see you are looking forward to CD ... you'll soon need to be buying the next size down in your trousers.
I'm really sorry to hear about your cousin. it is such a tough time when a family member dies especially if you are very close to them - so my thoughts are with you. (my dad died 3 years ago and my comfort was food :eek: )

Hope you have a good birthday despite everything that is going on.

As for the my first week on CD I lost 10lbs and my trousers that were a tad bit tight on my backside are now fitting nicely:) So you can do this too.

or you could be naughty like me and order a load of clothes from Next in a smaller size and be determined to get into them!

Take care
Hiya Saksred,

I'm really sorry to hear about your cousin, my thoughts are with you. Its a good thing that you do have this week to begin coping with that before you embark upon the diet.

or you could be naughty like me and order a load of clothes from Next in a smaller size and be determined to get into them!

This is a really good idea. Today is my first day back on cd. On friday I bought a gorgeous dress in French Connection in a size 14. I haven't got a hope of hell of getting in it now, but in a couple of weeks i WILL! (i have to now, it was an expensive dress! lol)

Hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow saksred
Thanks for your kind words Lenny and Beverley.

Beverley - I don't need to buy any clothes I have a wardrobe full that I can't fit into!!!

Am really determined this time - have just made up a chart to tick the days off, and to remind myself to take it one day at a time.

Take care.

Quick Update

Had a great Birthday yesterday, although had to work!!!
Got a Nintendo DS Lite with the brain game - My thinking was when I get bored I play it rather than eating....

Funeral is not til next week, and I will have already started CD, so that will be a bit tough, but already thinking about strategies to help - If you have any let me know.

Feeling a bit better today, and remembering to take one day at a time.

Take care.

Hi Saksred,

Glad to hear you had a good birthday:D

As for the stategies for the wise you could either have your shakes before you go or you could take tetra briks with you. Or if you feel you want to eat stick to chicken & salad but no carbs...that way you shouldn't be knocked out of ketosis.

Take care
CD Day - 4

Am getting more energised about starting CD on Monday.:)

Getting my head together, however also preparing that it is not going to be an easy first week.:(

1. First week of CD so will have the lack of energy, tiredness and general "Oh my god - How am I going to do this?":eek:
2. The funeral on Friday - Typically an irish catholic funeral which generally involves food and drink (lots)

Preparing now for then - as they say - Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Anything inspiration would be great.

Hello :)

I like those words failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

Listen you can do this - it's just one day to get through. Funerals are awful things and I don't envy you. I hope it goes well and I KNOW YOU WILL be fine :)

Stick with it and imagine the feeling of acheivement when you get through the day.

Kath xx
Hey Saskred, really sorry to hear about your cousin hun....

I would try not to eat at all, but keep sipping your water throughout the day instead...and as Lenny said have your packs just before and bring some tetras with you

Happy belated birthday as well!
Starting Tomorrow...

How exciting - I woke up this morning and thought this time tomorrow I am starting CD. I am going to see CDC this evening for my packs.

This time next week I will wake up even more happy, as I should be a bit lighter.

I think I have got my head around it now - just want to get on and do it.

I know I have a tough week ahead with starting CD and the funeral - but I CAN DO IT:D .

Wish me luck.