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Salad question

Principessa N

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Hey Ladies,
For the last few weeks i have been craving salad, this would be normal but i have never eaten a salad in my life. I eat the lettuce out of bigmacs and have tried a few fancy leaves and wasn't very impressed.
I'm of to asda later and i'm going to try and see if i like it, but what do i put on it, i love garlic but don't no if they do low fat garlic dressing, i also love the crab/seafood sticks and hardboilded eggs, oo and bacon bits.
I no i sound a bit silly but i really want to like it, because then i could have it regularly rather then the junk i tend to have.

So i guess my question is whats your fav salad?
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I like to have a fresh green salad of round lettuce and some chopped iceberg because I don't like bitter lettuce leaves at all!!! And then I chop a nice beef tomato, red and green peppers, red onion, a little sweetcorn, spinach leaves, and then I drizzle it with Udo's oil...in an ideal world with no calories I would add some mushrooms cooked with garlic, bacon and also some buffalo mozzarella but hey, we can't have everything!
If I'm looking for more of a meal though I would add maybe some cous cous to the green salad, some cooked broccoli florets and perhaps some lean turkey or chicken breast...yum!!! I LOVE salads! :)x
I must look out for the WW salad dressings Sandy.

I love salad! Iceberg lettuce with chopped tomatoes and spring onions is quick and easy and goes well with tuna or prawns.

I do a tofu and avocado salad which is a bit high in points but well worth it.

Mixed leaves with olive oil and balsamic dressing is lovely, with some chopped peaches or strawberries to make it a bit unusual.

Garlic mushrooms (stir fried mushrooms with fry-light and garlic then a dollop of low fat creme fraiche) go well with baby leaf or rocket salad or leave the creme fraiche off the mushies and add baby mozzarella balls instead.

Sorry. Love salad.
Not fond of salads myself, though i wish i did. As said above theres 0 points ww salad dressings now and they do 0.5 point mayo as well if you want somewthing more filling, theres a salad spray too thats 0 poibts by the same company that gave us fry light.


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ewww dont do salad! ... unless its got coleslaw chicken mayp etc etc lol

Taffy Girl

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I have been starting to take salads to work for lunch - trying to cut down on the bread/sarnies (and save a bit of cash!)

I find the Asda smart price salad leaves are a good base - I have either half or a whole bag (49p) with chopped/cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions or red onions, some chopped up bits of wafer thin ham/turkey or a boiled egg or some tuna'n'mayo, and a dollop of some sort of low fat dressing - must look out for the 0pt dressings. If I am hungry I might get a jacket potato or some cottage cheese to go with it. At home I would usually add some beetroot or sweetcorn.


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I love salad, although i like it best with nice oily dressing and parmesan and pine nuts!!!

But as a healthier option i have mixed italian leaves (get them in asda) with on the vine tomatoes, mini red spring onions (M&S do them and they're delicious) and sweet peppers.

I have it with chicken breast and drizzle balsamic vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of low fat pesto over it.

try it, its delicious!!
Balsamic vinegar is a wonderful thing. You can boil it down and make a concentrate out of it for drizzling over a salad as well, which is lovely.


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I have a stuffed mushroom with salad, but my salad consists of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, beetroot, pickled onions and low fat lime and coriander dressing, its yummy well worth a try


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S: 16st8lb C: 14st10.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 1st11.5lb(10.99%)
Sorry karenlou, only just logged back in. The lime and coriander is made by The English Provender Co. its 104kcals and .1g sat fat per 100g thats 1.5points per 100g I probably use about .5pts per serving or less. It is extra scrummy, I would try it they sell it at asda.

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