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salty mouth


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now i know someone posted about this at some point but i can't for the life of me find it, ha.

my mouth feels really tingly, like i've had something really salty. it's really helping with the water drinking but all in all is a rather horrid sensation and i don't even like salt!! ick.

does anyone else get this and know of any way of getting rid of the ruddy thing?

abz xx
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I had this at the start Abz, i guess for the first couple of weeks and i totally sympathise because it was awful. It was beginning to make me feel physically sick, like i'd swallowed gallons of sea water. Yuck!
I dont have a problem with it now but i dont know if its because its gone away or because i dont notice it anymore. I'm guessing i dont have it anymore but who knows as its very weird what you get used to on this diet lol. And if it really has gone, i dont know why as i didnt do anything different to make it go away.

Sorry cant be of more help. I asked my CDC about it but he never had any clients before that had a similar problem. Wondering if any of the CDCs on here have any experience of it?


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Oh and just noticed if you open this thread then scroll down to the bottom where it lists other related threads, the previous thread i think you're talking about is there at the top x


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aha!! ha. but it's not just on my lips. it's in my mouth. it's kind of a greasy, salty kind of thing. still. a litre of water has vanished so it's making me drink plenty!!


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Mine was in my mouth too rathe rthan my lips. Not nice, not nice at all. Hope it disappears quickly.


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Yes it was me that posted it last week I think, the saltyness lasted only a day or 2 but still get it now and again just drink loads and wash it away.xx


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this is the third day i've had it and most definately the worst so far. it feels like i've been drinking seawater... have brushed my teeth, drank a litre of water and had a hot chocolate shake this morning and nothing is shifting it. totally and utterly gross :S

abz xx


now got pictures in album
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perhaps you're going back into ketosis?


please try again
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mineral water can do that, i can only drink tap water now because of it

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