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Hi everyone, I'm on my 4th week of SS and am still loving the diet in general. However I'm finding some of the products soooo salty!

For example the Leek and Potato soup is almost inedible to me, the Chicken and Mushroom (my favourite) is really salty unless I add loads more water than it says on the packet. Some of the bars are too salty for me and I tried the porridge the other night but had to throw it away, again because it was way too salty.

I have never added salt to any food before CD so maybe I am more sensitive to it than others, but I did eat processed stuff which has tons of salt in and never had a problem.

Does anyone else find them salty or is it just me? I sometimes even find the shakes too salty! I'm worried now that there is something wrong with me! I am drinking tons of water.

I do have a very sensitive palette and have always been able to detect ingredients in food etc, but this is ridiculous and is really beginning to limit what I can have :cry:
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Can't say i've noticed a salty taste. The shakes are usually too sweet. However, i have noticed that tastes are continually changing on CD so perhaps thats what is happening. For example when i started i loved all the soups apart from broccoli, spicy tomato and chilli. Also didn't like the tetras. Now the only soup i can stomach is spicy tomato and i love the choc tetras. i think as we get more into the diet our taste buds are more sensitive or more aware of what we are putting in our mouths. Good news for when we start eating again as i'm hoping good, clean, healthy food will taste fab.
sorry i haven't really answered your question very well but didn't want to just read and run.



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When I first started CD I found all the products REALLY salty and couldn't physically eat the porridge - yuk! I never added any salt to any of my food so perhaps was sensitive to it too...

Five weeks on I don't notice it so much, although I can't stomach the porridge or leek and potato soup.

I just hope I don't start needing to add salt to my normal food once I get back to eating again.


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I have definitely noticed that the shakes have a salty aftertaste - I put that doen to the nutrients that have been added. I think all you can do is add more water, like you say, and maybe your palate will change after time. I was a salt fiend before I started this, so I actually think the soups need more salt adding! (I don't though...!)

Ellie x


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Its my first day on the CD today, I had the cinnamon and apple porridge for breakfast, other than being like watered down wall paper paste it was salty, i noticed it straight away. I thought it might be the added nutrients too. I am sensitive to salty stuff as I never add it to my food anyway. :p


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This just shows how different we are all with our taste buds. I have never added salt to my food in the past, but now, i would love to add it to some of the soups (vegetable in particular) im adding herbs to try and boost the taste.....wierd isnt it?


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Haha I added a tiny sprinkle of salt to my original porridge today...but I am Scottish and we're a bit weird like that.

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