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saltys diary


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Day 1
Hi im Salty, i lost 3 and a half stone last year on CD, and ive maintained except for 9lbs. Im 12 stone 3 and my goal is 10 stone.

I have made a decision to restart the diet and im feeling really positive.ive just had a lovely weekend at my mums having a roast dinner but know its time to knuckle down as im in size 16s again. grrrrr!!
My clothes are feeling tight and some dont even fit.
I dont wanna be a size 18 ever again. i took my clothes to a shop today and the lady could not believe how big my size 18s where.
This motivates me as i remember how unhappy i was in them.

ive been drooling over size 10 clothes and would love to buy a dress and feel slim.

Would love to chat to others and share tips.

Going on holiday in September so this is my ultimate goal to be slim for then.:break_diet:
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Welcome Salty....
You know how fab this diet is... but you're right.. need to be in right frame of mind.
Good luck !


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Thanks nicky,
yea im dead positive today, i hope i can maintain this feeling.
glugging my water and ive had my chocmint shake and it was delicious.
trying to keep myself busy and remember how being slim feels.x



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Day 2
Feeling good today and know im gunna fit into my clothes soon.
going for a 3 course set menu meal on thursday and cant avoid food.Hinted to my friend that i could order a salad, hoping she would cancel. Dont wanna suggest this as its been booked for ages and her dad is ill.

feel a bit tired today but determined to keep going, ive cheated on a bit of chicken though.
Sprayed myself in fake tan and pampered myself today.
Sorry for all the waffle!!;)


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lets keep on going.
im keeping myself as busy as posible posting on here and shopping and cleaning.
dont wanna buy many clothes yet but i want too.

any tips on motivation tips or keeping busy tips?


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are my posts showing? not sure as i dont think there coming up??


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Yes Salty your posts are coming through:D Keep your hands busy then you wont be tempted to pick at something. Good luck:D


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thanks skinniki,
yea im posting when i can and trying to retrain my brain into being slim, paul mckenna has a good book. i can make you thin, reading this as well as cding.
good luck
Day 3
Hi girls, thanks for your support, Abs, i made it through 2 days so far so im proud of myself.

well im feeling great and things seem to be going my way.Ive cancelled the meal on thursday and we are going to watch sex in the city instead yeah- again!!
I ve put a nice white dress on today which i couldnt get into and it feels fab.
My bum and tummy do not stick out as much yay..

Im having my hair cut later a new style for the new me.Im also meeting with my potentially new CD lady.

Got a busy day but armed with tetras, thinking of my new slim body not gunna mess up this time, i wana be slim for my birthday and holiday.
Salty - good luck with your new cd and for another successful day done. Keep up the great work!!

Thanks Sara,
we can do it together.
feeling great and i hope i can keep this feeling up!!

The only problem will be the weekend as we are either meeting friends or going camping.

The lunch with friends will be fine but as for the camping im a bit worried as all the smells drive me insane from the bbqs.
Yay - lets do it!:D

This is going to sound a bit weird but I love smelling food, it sort of challenges me to keep on track, DH, family and friends are finding much merriment from me at the moment cos I sniff dinners, am found with my head in Hero's tin DH got for father's day sniffing wrapped chocs and when I went for lunch with friends last Friday insisted on getting involved with their choices from menu (rich huh, lol) and then sniffing their meals before they ate them. Apart from the fact that everyone concerned is being extremely tolerant of this current fetish of mine, I find it helps.

Not for everyone I suppose, what do you think? (lol)



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i'm exactly the same. i figure that taste is mainly smell anyways, so if i sniff enough of it, ha. don't stick my head in biscuit or sweets or chocs tins though. too much punishment :D

abz xx
Ha ha Poppy
thats funny, im the oppisite though, i try to avoid the smells at all costs. i can see how it would be satisfying for some though!

Has any one got any to do tips when camping?
the whole weekend usually revolves around food. I need to think of things to occupy myself with whilst hubby is cooking his meals.x
Day 4

Well its day 4 and i met with my new cdc and she is lovely. felt a bit tired last nt, had another early nt.

well my fears are this weekend, the weather will prob be to rubbish to go camping which is probally a good thing.

Had a fab new haircut and i feel great, getting weighed on Monday.
got my jeans on size 14 and they fel good. my tummy and bum also look smaller.

How is everyone else doing? x
Morning Salty:)

Well done you on getting into the size 14's you must be made up!

I love a new haircut, always makes you feel lovely.

Good luck with the camping, sure it will all be fine.

Ah thanks poppy,
How are you getting on? How much have you lost?
well im eating a bar is that allowed in week 1? enjoying it a lot?:eek:

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