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  1. InnerMe

    InnerMe Member

    Hi so thought I would make a diary of this epic journey I am embarking on...
    So here goes,

    my name is Samantha I'm 21 and have been overweight since the age of 10. I can't remember when I last weighed under 17st. :sigh:
    I have tried so many diets from counting calories and eating healthy combined with exercise, Lipotrim, LCHF diet although I have had slight success with all these I would eventually start to gain weigh again, due to my high insulin levels "not sure why I have them have been tested for-diabetes and I'm clear, PCOS also clear, hypothyroidism nope ain't got it." So basically I have yo-yoed between 17-19 stone.

    I initially tried Lipotrim however was not able to keep it up as I could not take the taste of the shakes or soups. I did have success with this though and after coming of it managed to keep my weight down to 18st4lb from 19st2lb.

    So recently started looking into the Cambridge Weight Loss Plan and though I would give it a go, as it's similar to the Lipotrim however has more products available.

    So here I am on day 5 of SS figured I don't like most shakes or soups the chocolate has become my best friend as it tastes almost "normal" and the porridge is my life line. I still have a few flavones to try out with the shakes so will give that a go.

    Any ideas on making the products taste better would be appreciated. Or on an overall favorites. Hope we can all stick to this and do great to finally reach our goals and look fantastic. :D

    Just have age to ignore my boyfriend eating all these delicious foods next to me. Lol

    Good luck! May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.
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  3. Colony

    Colony Full Member

    Wow good luck with your mission!

    I do like most of the products on CWP but I'm especially obsessed with the chocolate tetras! If only they weren't so small....

    I blend my powdered shakes with ice in a "smoothie 2 go" blender (add water first so powder doesn't stick to glass) and I think it tastes amazing. Add a spoon of instant coffee for a "frappacino" drink.

    I hope it all goes well and looking forward to hearing about your first weigh in! X
  4. InnerMe

    InnerMe Member

    What are the chocolate tetras? Is that the chocolate cartons?
  5. Colony

    Colony Full Member

    Yes the little cartons. They taste amazing straight from the fridge. Some people freeze them too and apparently they go a bit ice-creamy.
  6. InnerMe

    InnerMe Member

    So had my firs weigh in today lost 10lbs.
    Even though I had a blip on Monday.
    Been 100% since.

    Bring on week 2 looking forward to seeing the results. Next weekend just have to get through this Weekend first but hopefull.

  7. Sparkswillfly

    Sparkswillfly Full Member

    Well done on your first week loss!

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  8. InnerMe

    InnerMe Member

    Day 13 and I'm on totm.
    Getting really bad cramps, I know that it has started from being in ketosis as this happened when I did a lchf diet.

    I'm just hoping it will last the normal 5 days. Not weeks.
    Currently feeling like giving in to the food monster.

    However I just have to plough on. Yay :cry:
  9. InnerMe

    InnerMe Member

    Had my second weigh in and 4lbs gone Yay.
    So that's 1 Stone down in 2 weeks. This week has been tough so hoping next week will be better.
    Happy with the las so far, never managed to stick to a diet this long before.
  10. kittycat1

    kittycat1 Full Member

    Well done Innerme! Thats a great loss for your first two week- over a stone! stick with it!
  11. InnerMe

    InnerMe Member

    Third week of this diet and I can say it's getting easier.
    By no means am I saying I don't crave food because I do but it is easier to resist.
    I just keep thinking how I will look and feel better about myself.
    Might buy some nice lingerie to keep myself going and as a treat for coming this far.

    I can't wait to go on holiday in October and know I'm not going to feel uncomfortable about my weight.
    Also my family will see how well I have done ( and I won't feel like there talking about how much weight I have put on)

    its a journey that's for sure but I would rather journey my life being healthy, then struggle being overweight.
    Sacrifices have to be made some times in order to get what you want. For me being on this strict diet is one of them.

    i have no delusions that losing weight will solve all my problems but at least I will face them feeling confident.

    So let's keep going and prove those people who say we can't do it wrong. Not for them but for ourselves.
  12. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Fantastic losses, well done keep up your good work and get ready for a big shopping trip for your holiday in October.xx

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