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Same old story, but it's time to change

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This really is the same old story. I've lost weight, but it back on plus more, lost more weight, then put it back on plus more.

I'm tired of getting into this cycle, it is turning me into a truly miserable person. In 2009 I got down to 10 stone 5 pounds from being around 12 stone. This was ahuge achievement and I did this by getting really really fit and eating fewer carbs. I got really into exercise and found I got really excited about going to the gym. I went virtually everyday and it became a big part of my routine.

On my 24th birthday in December 2009 I wore an amazing size 10 dress and I did look great. I kept the weight off and then some for a couple of months following, and then I met my boyfriend. He's type 1 diabetic, so all dates ended up revolving around food - I couldn't have a date with him that didn't involved going for dinner, so I would drinks lots and make unhealthy choices. This is ironic since he makes such healthy choices. I just find that when I'm eating out and tempted, I'll just eat the most unhealthy option.

In January I got up to 12 stone 5 pounds and I was disgusted, but quickly lost 9 pounds, but then fell off the wagon again.

I'd say that now I'm around 13 stone 5 pounds - though I haven't checked, I can't bear it! I am desperate to lose three stone to get back to the 10 stone 5 pounds I was in December 2009.

My main thing now is that I've lost all self esteem when it comes to my body - I've started calling myself fat and notice that when I do so, no one seems to say 'no you're not'. I know I'm not obese, but of my friends I am without a doubt the biggest now. My belly has now started to sort of 'roll' and as a consequence I hate to look at myself, I've stopped my normal beauty routines - straightening my hair, painting my nails, shaving my legs, waxing my bikini line.

I bought size 14 jeans a few weeks ago and they are way too small. There was no way in hell I was taking them back for the bigger size.

My aim for this week is to join the gym - I've found I've been putting this off. I'll tell myself I don't have money. The truth? I do,I've just been spending my money on junk food. I then said I was waiting for a work discount on the gym membership. That's not likely to happen soon and I need a gym membership NOW.

I HAVE to change for good now. I really have to.

Please share YOUR best tips and motivational tips. You're all so very inspiring.
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good luck, hope you get to target! It's horrible when you lose all confidence but at least you're doing it to make yourself feel much better.

Also, what is the South Beach diet? :)
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Hello I can relate to yourself I lost 4.5 stone in 2009 and now this year I've gained 23 lbs.. But I'm working hard to shift the weight.

Good luck to you.
S: 12st9lb C: 11st10lb G: 10st3lb Loss: 0st13lb(7.34%)
Thanks for your replies - south beach diet was what i did in January this year. I lost a stone in a month, but quickly put it back on. It's basically a really low carb diet.

Very hard to stick to!

Anyway, this week has been good, and today I weighed myself finally as I've been scared to look at the scales. So I'm 12 stone 9, so not as bad as I previously thought.

My target to lose this month is around 10lbs. Hopefully that is do-able. My aim for December is to just not put more weight on!

I'm just going to do it by snacking less and exercising more.



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Well done on getting through your first week and having a good weight loss:happy096:


Just keep swimming
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Good luck with your weight loss journey! We are here to help and pull you back onto the wagan if you take a tumble! :)

Ruth x

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