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Sam's plan for 2014

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by SlimmingSam, 1 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. SlimmingSam

    SlimmingSam Member

    Hello! :wave_cry:

    I have been lingering around the forum all week, fishing for ideas as I find my way around the slimming world plan, which I started on Monday. I subscribed on line for slimming world as this sort of thing usually works best for me. I subscribed on line to WW in the past and lost 60lbs (sadly 7 years ago and I put 40lbs back on). When I've tried classes before I found myself being creative with excuses for poor weeks and wrongly, feeling like it was my leaders fault that I wasn't being successful. When I'm on my own, there's no-one else to blame, no where to hide.....

    So I weighed in on Monday and stuck to the plan all week. I'm changing my weigh in day to Saturday. This works best for me. Yesterday, I started thinking about what the result might be. I realised, I haven't really felt like I've been on a diet. Sure, I've eaten less chocolate and crisps but whilst my lunches have been different but I've never felt deprived. I've been able to eat between meals (free food or counted syns) but I thought, this can't have worked. I decided that if I'd lost 2lbs I'd be happy. 3lbs and I'd be delighted. Today, I weighed in and I've lost 5lbs! I'm shocked and thrilled and now I'm excited. I know there will be tough days and weeks ahead but IF I can lose the weight I want to and eat like this, I know I can do it.

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  3. tamkat

    tamkat Well-Known Member

    That's brill Sam welldone :) I had doubts at the beginning even though ive lost weight a million times before I was just scared I would never get into the right mindset again but I have & its such a relief.I don't go to group but weigh in at home wed mornings xx
  4. SlimmingSam

    SlimmingSam Member

    Wow Tamkat - you're doing brilliantly!

    Yesterday was my first weekend day on slimming world. Slightly challenging. My husband is very slim but eats tons so he was suggesting going out for dinner. I persuaded him not just for this week. We went out looking for cars and unlike when I'm at work, I was not armed with fruit, yogurts and veggies. But I managed to wait until I got home where I had strawberries and yogurt waiting for me. Have to be a tad better prepared when I'm out.... Tonight we are going to my parents for dinner but my Mums really supportive so I will fill up on meat and veggies!

    Just going ring to make my first sw quiche to take to work. Keeping things varied seems like a good idea.

    Hope everyone else is having a good weekend on the wagon!
  5. tamkat

    tamkat Well-Known Member

    snap my hubby is 6ft 4 and like a stick,the first weekend on plan I had a massive binge :( but managed to pull myself together & continue so well done for this weekend it does get easier when you start seeing results :) :) xx
  6. jogirl

    jogirl Well-Known Member

    That's brilliant Sam, well done! When I first started SW I didn't believe it was possible to eat that much food and lose weight, but it is!
  7. Rae Rae

    Rae Rae Well-Known Member

    Good luck on your journey and well done on the 5 pound loss, that's amazing.
  8. SlimmingSam

    SlimmingSam Member

    Getting ready to say goodbye the weekend.... :(:( But it's been pretty good. I stuck to the plan completely, ate plenty of good healthy tasty food and prepared a good lunch for work tomorrow (salad and my first sw quiche). I'm booked for some classes at the gym (that's standard and not a new thing to aid my weight loss).

    On Wednesday, I'm going to a funeral :( but I'm going to eat a good filling late breakfast as I don't want to eat the sandwiches at the wake afterwards... There will be some salad but not much else that's sw friendly. I don't want to make any fuss but I don't want to go off plan at all, if I can help it.

    11 weigh-ins until I go to New York...! I want to be in the 13's by then!:)
  9. SlimmingSam

    SlimmingSam Member

    Week 2 and it might be getting a little easier. I certainly feel like I know what I'm doing more. The quiche was a great success. I added a chopped rasher of bacon, a little bit of red pepper and a tiny bit of sweet corn to the egg and cottage cheese mix. Had half the quiche with some salad. Feeling pleasantly full.
  10. SlimmingSam

    SlimmingSam Member

    Struggling a tiny bit.... Well, not struggling - just learning to live with the plan. Went out on Saturday night after a very slightly disappointing weigh in. Indian. Had tandoori king prawns to start. Counted 3 for the marinade, 1 poppadom 4 and lamb rogan josh with boiled rice 6.5. All within plan. Would love a loss of more than 1 pound this week but a loss of a pound would make half a stone in three weeks so won't be too bad. Need to lose as much as possible before I go to New York in ten weeks time.....!

    Hope me everyone's having a good week!

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