Sam's weigh in.........


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S: 86.9kg C: 83.8kg G: 65kg BMI: 33.8 Loss: 3.1kg(3.6%)
Ok so i've had a week of being healthier in my eating with some little treats along the way and i'm back on the bike all be it not as much as I want to and i've completed a week of getting back to healthy me. So weigh in time came and i've lost 4lbs. I'm shocked as on all the diets i've tried I never lose that much in a week even the first week, so i'm shocked, happy and hoping I will lose some weight next week. As i'm sure I wont sustain such losses. So for now i'm :talk017:

I must say I had a few of these moments:devilangel: but decided I can have treats in moderation. I've had a thing for coca cola and was drinking it everyday, but managed with just a can this week.
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