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Sandra's 11th week weigh-in

WOW!!!! I lost another 4lbs this week :D !

No idea why this is suddenly happening, what I've done differently this week?

* Used Exante products rather than LT (cos I'd run out and didn't want to venture out in this weather:(, too scary when you've got a stick)

* Eaten on 5 days out of 7. Scrambled eggs on 4 days and yesterday I had a bit of chicken and of ham for lunch and a chicken salad (rocket, lambs lettuce etc, red peppers, cucumber and cherry toms) for supper

* Went totally 'mad' the night before last and had a 40 calorie hot chocolate before bed. It had 4.9 gms of carbs...and it was lovely!

Will post stats and my plan for the next couple of weeks to my Blog.

I hope everybody else does as well :D
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Wow Sandra, that's fantastic. Well done. That means you could easily loose weight as much weight while refeeding and maintaining, as you did on TFR! Lucky You! Your body must be happy with your eating again!
Wow Sandra, that's fantastic. Well done. That means you could easily loose weight as much weight while refeeding and maintaining, as you did on TFR! Lucky You! Your body must be happy with your eating again!
Thanks Suse, it is a pleasant surprise I must admit! Just got to stay away from those dreaded carbs........still not sure how to carry on though, I'm having a debate with myself at the moment......no-one's winning though and I don't know what to do for the best.......keep writing it down in my blog in the hope that I can make sense of my thoughts if I write them down.....to no avail!
Brilliant Sandra, well done


addicted to minimins!!
yay sandra thats fantastic! 4 seems to be your lucky number these past few weeks..:) great job! nearly there ...:) x
That's fantastic Sandra.. you really seem to have found the key for making this work for yourself. WELL DONE!
Well done hun.. You have done a fantastic job.. You are so near to goal now... How are you finding the refeed? Just over 2 weeks to go now, and it looks like you won't have a lot more to lose...

Thanks everyone..

Su, refeed is going fine though I've done it more my way than the LT way! Had a couple of scrambled eggs most nights for a week and am now having the chicken and salad as per the official refeed. Yesterday I had a very small fillet steak for supper and whilst it was lovely, it wasn't as mind-blowing as I expected it to be! TBH I don't really have an appetite yet, which I find really surprising.......plus I'm enjoying being slim again sooooooo much that I really don't want to put on even an ounce!

I still don't know what to do next......I thought that I was going to do Dukan but you can't eat fruit on the first two stages and I really want to eat it again particularly in hospital, well if I can't eat chocs!

Thinking more and more that I will do WW, either the old plan, which I've got, or sign up for the new one online. I don't think that I'm going to go as low as 10 stone after all. Hopefully I should be able to start exercising properly in January when I've finished physio and that should be enough to tone me up again. I've only got two little problem areas left and you can't see them in clothes! I feel like I've got enough to cope with, with just recovering, to put myself through more tfr just to lose say, half a stone......

Are you already worrying about referring? I wouldn't worry, it's a doodle but you do have to think about cooking again........
Good luck for the op Sandra, I will send you some cyber fruit and flowers :). WW is quite good from past memory, I think sw do an atkins style plan too which could be an option? Im defo doing low carb when I stop LT. xxx
Thanks Daisy, hopefully my iPad will work ok in hospital so I can stay on touch.....take my mind off it!

I really am in a dilemma over how to carry on! I'm really starting to think that my target 10 stone will be too thin as people are starting to comment that my face and shoulders are now quite thin! My collar bones stick out and my bra straps hang off them and don't touch my body! Never noticed that before......you also said that you thought that the correct BMI for your height was a bit thin didn't you? I should get to 11st before the op so I'll see how it goes after that, perhaps I'll settle for maintaining that weight until I'm well enough to start exercising again.....actually I plan on going skiing again at the end of March!

I do think that the secret to keeping my weight off is going to be restricting carbs in whatever form. One thing that I'm noticing about refeedng is how boring just protein and veg/salad is, there really isn't that much too it, it's the carbs and fat that adds the real flavour and whets the appetite. So i figure if I can avoid the little ******* the weight will be history....fingers crossed x
Im really lucky coz I love salad with everything! So if Ive got a bit of chicken or steak etc with salad im happy and I love cheese in moderation and eggs so low carb will suit me. Like you Ive never been a binge eater and Im not addicted to food. I put weight on gradually over the years with the extra calories from alcohol and then snacking late at night after a few glasses of wine. If I dont drink through the week Im not interested in snacking so hopefully this will stop me gaining in the future. Id be quite happy to have two shakes and a small evening meal indefinately as Im very busy at work. Just need to limit me white wine to Saturday evenings only hehehehe. If i go down to my ideal BMI and weight I will look ill, My face is tiny now and people always think im about 2 stone less than I am I do carry it well. Hope you feel well enough to use your ipad so we can all cheer you up, you will be back ski-ing in no time huni and look hot in your new ski suit!! xxx
Oh yeah......wine! let's not go there..........

Old ski suit actually......I've never been skiing when I was overweight so the suit is a size 12!

I think low carb will suit me fine too, my only carb problem is my love of bread, white, wholemeal, French, toast.........in any shape or form. I just drooled over the bread basket in London the other weekend, there were all these different little rolls with yummy olive oil and balsamic instead of butter. It was very hard to resist but I did.......smug eh?
ooo well done you. I think though if you are 80% good you probs could incorporate a small amount of bread as a treat rather than try to avoid it all together and then find yourself under a restaurant table with the whole empty bread basket with glazed eyes and crumbs on your cheek? :)) xxx
Not worried that I'll do that but am worried that I'll scoff half a French loaf and a whole Brie or four slices of toast....perhaps with Nutella?

I do miss boiled eggs and soldiers, in fact I'd KILL for that! I should have really curly hair cos I love crusts so much.......
I guess that we all must have an achilles heel.........I'm ok with crisps but I do like a bag of salt n vinegar with an egg mayonnaise sarnie! and they've got to be Walkers.....
well done Sandra. I just have a right giggle at this thread. Yourself and Daisy made me laugh, xxx
We aim to please Marie! Dieting is so tedious, you've GOT to laugh x

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