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Sandra's 14th week weigh in...

Finally made it onto the scales and have put on a lb! Don't think that this is actually fat cos have found out that my new hip weighs about 11 lbs, but of course have no idea what my discarded piece of femur weighed still have a lot of swelling around my incision some of which is supposedly water.....

Actually feel like I have lost a few lbs as when I put on newly washed trackies this morning, size 12, they felt very loose. My MIL came into the bathroom to help me dry my lower leg and feet this morning and commented, "OMG there's nothing left of you!" I didn't quite know how to take that, I was just wearing a towel around my waist and even I can see that my top half is pretty small but I'm not exactly thin!

As I said in another thread, I have to concentrate on my iron deficiency in order to get my blood pressure back up (don't want to faint again) but I do intend to do ww when I can concentrate on reading the paperwork. OH and I had a terrible row last night about my eating as he doesn't think that I should lose any more but my surgeon says that another stone will be even better for my hips, I can't seem to win. Can't understand my OH as he has always preferred me slim, I'm missing something somewhere but can't work out what?!

The best thing about eating again is undoubtedly fruit!
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Glad you are on the mend babes, and hopefully Paul will realise why you need to lose just a little bit more.. Perhaps he thinks if you lose too much you will trade him in for another model!! lol

I am really sorry i haven't been in touch, but everything just seems to be up in the air at the moment... Dad is doing ok.. He had an ECG (all fine) and is awaiting the results of his blood tests.. He also has to go to the hospital for something, but he has no idea what!! I suppose we will just have to wait to see what kind of appointment he is given.

I am really glad you are enjoying eating, you really seem to have got the hang of it, so hat's off to you x x
I have given up now-i put on 1lb at my last weigh in and the chemist seemed fine with that, as she told me i had heavier clothes on, but it has certainly been downhill from there!! I have come to the realisation that my family and their health and well-being are more important to me at the moment so i am trying to eat better, but certainly not pressurising myself over it.. What will be will be x x x
Would happily trade him in for anything at the moment.......

Your dad probably has to have exercise tests next, this is where they wire you up to a heart monitor and then have you walk on a treadmill at varying speeds and inclines. I had this earlier this year and it gives the consultant a lot more info than just the ECG. Hopefully he will fine......

Like I said earlier this week, we all have to find comfort where we can when times are hard. All I do at present is cry, perhaps chocolate would be more comforting after all.......

Big hugs sweetheart xxxx
((((((big hugs))))))

I really hope you find some way of coping... I know Paul hasn't maybe been as thoughtful as he should have, but you are also bound to feel very emotional at the moment.. Physically, mentally and emotionally you have been all over the place recently... That does not excuse his behaviour, but it may help to understand why you might be a little out of character.. Cut yourself some slack babes, you have been through a rollercoaster of emotions recently.... If you need to cry, then cry babes-it may be a welcome release for you x x x

Thank you for your kind words about my dad... Please concentrate on getting better hun x x x
hey Sandra! good to hear you are keeping well after your op, must've been hard keeping track on lipotrim through the whole process! well done anyways


Fighting for My Health
Sorry to be brief here, but I'm falling asleep on my keyboard. Didn't want to read and run though, and wanted to send some big ((hugs)) to my cyber friends Su and Sandra. I'm sorry you're both having a rough time of it at the moment. Be kind to yourself, do what you need to, and take care my lovelies. If you ever need to chat, I'm here with a shoulder for you xx
hey Sandra! good to hear you are keeping well after your op, must've been hard keeping track on lipotrim through the whole process! well done anyways
Haven't been 100% for some weeks......but it did get me to where I am now and I am so pleased that I lost the weight every waking minute of every day that I have to try and get around on crutches!
Hi Sandra
Hope you are ok after hip replacement, poor you. You've done so well with your weight loss keep at it, its definately worth it xx

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