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Sandra's 7th week weigh-in....

Hi all, got weighed today, a day late as I didn't get back until last night. I've lost another 3 lbs which I'm pretty pleased about! Haven't had a good week, was away and mixed LT with Exante as we were out and about a bit and I didn't want to totally deprive the OH of all that yummy french food! Also had some scrambled egg the other night as had a scary experience with strong meds (details, if you like that sort of thing? on another thread) and was really worried that I was going to pass out....OK now that I'm home and back to civilisation!
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Brilliant loss hun x x x

When are you going to refeed for your op? x x
Hi babes.......am giving it some serious consideration! We're in London the weekend after next and I fully intend to eat dinners on both nights but not do a proper re-feed just eat protein and salad. I don't think that I'll be able to eat much anyway and plan to get back on the diet the next day. The op is worrying me a bit TBH, part of me wonders if I could more or less carry on with LT apart from the days that I'm actually in hospital.....I'm going private and as I've already had a few operations in the last 5 years I know that the chef would be happy to make me Atkins-style meals....but, and it's a big but, should I really be dieting after a major operation? The last op I had on my leg I ate really healthily afterwards and recovered really well...I'm worried that I will put some of it back on and I will be soooooo close to my target by then! What would you do????? Help:eek:
Wow Sandra 7lbs in two weeks woohoo!! I cant believe you've done 7 weeks ! I really feel for you having to go through the op, You could just stick to Atkins style meals while you recover. Why dont you wait and see how you feel? xxx
Wow Sandra 7lbs in two weeks woohoo!! I cant believe you've done 7 weeks ! I really feel for you having to go through the op, You could just stick to Atkins style meals while you recover. Why dont you wait and see how you feel? xxx
TBH Daisy, neither can I! I'd also forgotten the carbonara moment last week!

I've still got a few weeks to think about the op, I guess I'll wait and see how close to target I get, may even settle for weighing a bit more than 10 stone, who knows? I tried a few of my old clothes on today and I can get more size 14 bottoms on and even a few size 12 tops! I was thrilled about that and it's great to not be living in massive old trackies any more......
Thats fantastic Sandra tbh my real goal has always been to get into a comfy 14 I dont want to be skinnier it wouldnt suit me lol xx
well done on your smaller size clothes Sandra. i bet its a wonderful feeling and makes you feel great.
:) :)


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Well done! :) Fab loss :)

Not sure about Lipotrim and the op. I don't think you should do a VLCD whilst undergoing and recovering from major surgery, but Lipotrim does give you excellent nutrition, that you may not get from diet alone. So maybe have your 3 packs a day and then add in some Atkins type meals to up your calories to X amount per day? I don't know, just a though :)

Thx Jayne. I know when I had my leg surgeries I ate a fair bit of dairy after the ops for the calcium content to assist in bone rebuilding.......will have to be careful about dairy but can manage a bit of cheese mmmmmmmmmmmm!

Looking forward to having porridge for breakfast again, it's sooooo cold this morning, I'm sat at the kitchen table with my shake just wishing that it was a steaming bowl of porridge.....before LT I had oatsosimple every day, even in the summer! Fortunately I love the original and don't like the flavoured ones, but at the weekend I like to cook it properly for us both, Paul has it with evaporated milk on it, about half a tin of the stuff!


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Ooo, I do love a bowl of porridge with honey and sometimes banana or raisins mmmmm.
Jayne I've found some that's a tfr on the Be-YU website so I'm going to order some. It's says that you can make it with water or skimmed milk.......will let you know what it's like when I try it x


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It's sounds the same as what I bought from Kee Diet a few weeks back. It was yummy! Smelt utterly vile when I made it, and you have to leave it for about 5 mins after making so it goes nice and thick. The smell goes away then too. I bought porridge, cottage pie and choc bars. They were delish! lol. 3 of those a day kicked me out of ketosis mind, but I still lost 3lb that week :) Am dying to order either the porridge or cottage pie again, and just have one pack a day.

Haven't heard of that one......will run off now and google it! Anything to make life a little more bearable eh? X


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Think the products are cheaper than Be Yu as well :)


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