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sarah-louise's 'one step at a time' journey...


After trying many many diets over the last year, I am going to go back to basics, back to simple, not make things hard for me and not be hard on myself! I am going to follow a healthy eating plan, up my exercise and see where this takes me. I did this in the past and lost weight without feeling I was even trying, and as I have all my exams at the moment, I cant think of a better plan to fit in with me rather than me trying to fit with the diet plan!

One thing I am confused about is how many calories I should be having? With doing 10,000 steps a day, Im going to do at least 30 min exercise per day, but hopefully do an hour. Im thinking 1400 cals per day is a good consumption for maximum weightloss..........do you agree or disagree? Advice very much apreciated :)

Thanks in advance...

Sarah-Lou x
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1200 - 1400 would be ideal x with your exercise 1400 should show a weight loss.


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1400 seems fine hun. I'm pretty much following the same thing, exercise and healthy eating. feel like I have much more control and motivation this way, rather than having to live by a plan step by step!

Good luck!
Ah, thank u to u all for your replies. i will try to aim for 1200 and definately no more than 1400 for a steady loss.

Im on day one and so far so good apart from a pedometer that refuses to register my steps! but i know im active more than i was so il just keep going :)

iv got the rowing machine out of the shed for my 30-60 min extra exercise later, the wii fit is to the ready, just dance is also close by and im trying to think of some good easy meal plans....... there will be NO stopping me! Iv got all my 'small' clothes out of the loft too so i can see them there as a good motivator!

Now i just need to decide on lunch.........

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the forum.
You can find out how many calories you need to lose weight here Calculate Calories Needed for Goal Weight just enter your height and weight.
I really think 1200 is too low, it is the bare minimum a woman should consume per day. I would aim for what you originally posted, ie 1400 per day, then at least if you hit a plateau you can lower your cals.

Let us all know how you get on
Thank u dreamingmaid. i was thinking that 1200 for my weight and height might be on the low side. i do aim to stick to definately no less than 1200 and no more than 1400, should do the trick as a happy medium lol x

sarah, yeah it is so good for gettin my bum off the sofa and even my 11 1/2 mth old little boy loves it too so it cant be bad lol x
Day One....

B- 2 x original oat so simple made with skimmed milk from a daily 1 pint allowence without sugar or sweetener.

L- 1/2 pack batchelors tomato and herb pasta

D- 1 med boiled egg, 1 slice ham, a few pickled onions, 250g jacket spud with tons of salad- lettuce carrot cucumber pepper cress tomato celery radish spring onion......was really yum! and i didnt have any mayo or butter!

snacks have been 2 x apple, 1 x pear, 1 med banana.....

total cals 1250.

And i re-instated my gym membership and booked an induction to the power plate, which i cant wait! its on thursday at 6pm so not long to wait :) x


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Sarah, sounds like you are fuly prepared and focused hun to tackle the weight. GO GET'M !

Aw, thank u Bren! I sure am focused this time which is making such a big difference. The support on here is great! and the advice! ...Thank u!! and all the best to u too!!! xx

Day 2...

another good day...

B- 2 x oat so simple, 1 pt skimmed milk allowence

L- med seeded roll, 1 tsp very low fat spread, wafer ham and salad.

D- sweet n sour chicken (fresh chicken breast with a jar sauce) with plain boiled rice....a fraction of the size i used to have!

snacks....1 x apple, 1 x banana, 1 x small choc bar at college, a small bowl of fruit and fibre when i got home at 930pm...but i dont think its pushed me over my 1400 cals max :D



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Good luck. I agree with dreamingmaid, that way when you hit a platau you can drop down a bit :) your doing well x
Thank u everyone! iv not been on for a few days due to some upsetting news but iv not fell off the wagon, iv stuck to 1200-1400 cals ridgid and so far its all going well, tho iv not got the exercise in i wanted and i had to cancel my induction for the power plate :-(

i am surprised that i do feel a little slimmer, proberbly as i am not so bloated, so thats good too. my first weigh in tmrw!!!! xxxx
Dreamingmaid....where in essex r u from? im by lakeside shopping centre x
iv had my weigh in and im 5lb off for my first week, so well pleased!! x
thanks u littleone!

im so far having a good week. today im wearing some trousers that i couldnt fasten up 3 weeks ago so my shape is definately changing! im looking forward to swimming tonight as i couldnt go yesterday due to migraine :-( xx

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