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sarahandmolly's food diary (...again!)

Right this is it! Fed up with all this faffing around with SW. I am aiming to lose 7lb by 20th August as I go to V Festival that weekend. So I have decided to start a new thread with my diary which I WILL fill in every day without fail. All comments, criticisms and advice is welcome so please do not hold back! :giggle:

Well Friday 24th July is a RED day

- 2 Morrisons 'eat smart' sausages
- 2 Rashers of bacon - all fat removed
- 2 'fried' eggs (Done with Fry Light)

Mid Morning Snack
- strawberries

- Syn Free Lamb Curry
- 3 Pagen Krisprolls (HexB)
- 1 Alpen Light Bar (1/2 of HexB)

Mid Afternoon Snack
- Mullerlight Mandarin Yoghurt
- 2 Apples
- 1 Alpen Light Bar (1/2 of HexB)

- Lean Steak - all fat removed
- 2/3 plate full of either salad or veg
- top the steak with 42g red, fat cheddar​

- 30 mins free step whilst watching eastenders :D
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol...I like your idea of "free" stepping whilst watching East Enders...thats something I would do!! Lol
Ha ha you have to compensate... lol :giggle:

Would it take the mick if I had a glass of wine to hand too! heehee x
Hmmmm well every day didn't last long... but hey at least I am back! lol

Today is a RED day

- Bacon Sandwich (Bread @ HexB)
- 2 'Fried' Eggs (Using Fry Light)

- 1 apple
- 2 Satsuma's

- Chicken (Skin removed)
- Salad box

- Van / Choc Muller Light
- Strawberries
- Pineapple

- Cheesy Meatballs (Recipe Section)
- Roasted Veg

- Wii Active for 30 mins
- Housework
Hiya All! :wavey:

You all thought I had forgot... well no, I am here to update :)

Today is a RED day

- 2 Boiled Eggs (As on the go!!)
- 2 Pints of Water​

- 5 Laughing Cow Light Triangles (HexA)
- 3 Pagen Krisprolls (HexB)
- 2 x Satsuma's
- 1 750ml Bottle of Water​

- Skinless Chicken Breast
- Mangetout / Green Beans and Yellow Pepper Sticks
- Bottle of Diet Coke​

- Strawberry Mullerlight Yoghurt mixed together with Mixed Summer Fruit Berries (Frozen)​

- 6 very small skinless chicken thighs
- Worcester Sauce / Soy Sauce / Herbs / Tom Puree (1/2 syn) crust... :drool:

- Wii Active x 30 mins​
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can i ask what krisprolls are?
They are like little 1/2 rolls, they are really crunchy and go really well with LC Triangles.
You can get them by the Ryvita etc in the supermarkets and are in a bag... :) try them, they are lovely! :drool: This might help you :)

Morning :D

Today is another RED day :)

- 2 Rashers of Bacon
- 1 'Fried' Egg
- 2 Pints of water

- 3 Pagen Krisprolls (HexB)
- 5 LC Light Triangles (HexA)

- Red Pepper Sticks
- Celery Sticks
- SW Syn free quiche :drool:

- Mandarin Mullerlight Yoghurt
- Summer Fruit Berries

- Pork of some sort... will update later! Will probably contain my 2 other Hex's

- 30 mins Wii Active

Have a nice day all :)
Oh my gosh, I must add here...

Normally, when I make SW quiches I use Quark. I had none in last night so I had to use Tesco Light Choices, Cottage Cheese with chives... Well this is what I will be using in future! My Bacon / Onion quiche was to die for! So yummy :drool:

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