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sarahb 1st weigh in



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maybe your body is still trying to catch up...
couple of things... are you drinking enough?
are you doing any exercise?
(i know that when i dont exercise i dont lose much...)
it all really does help..
is it coming to totm???
are you feeling blocked up at all because of the tablets. (common thing that does happen)

hope this has helped.
Thanks Kes, Thinking about it I probably have not drunk enough and it is comming up to totm, thanks I hope to make a difference this next week. I have joined the Feb challenge and ordered some callorie counting books from amazon. I was watching the big fat diet programmes and thought about just how many hidden cals in things and not tried calllorie counting for years, so going to give it a go.


Go on smile! =)
3lbs is a great loss. You should be aiming for 2lbs a week. Loosing weight the heathly and best way takes time. Doesnt happen overnight. keep it up x
Well done on your first weigh in , 3lbs is a good start remember it's a marathon not a race and small and steady amounts are more likely to stay off :D
Well done hun! Keep it up! xx
Sarah...I am kinda in the same boat as at just over 20st to start with I lost on average 3lbs each week in my first month. I had hoped it would be more as the changes I have made I thought would warrent it. However, if you look more long term, think about that average amount in 3 months time and then 6 months time...it certainly keeps me moving towards my goals...

take care and best of luck hun
Something I once saw on a TV programme about diets was to go and buy a pound of lard and put it in a plastic (sealed) bag. When the woman on the show was feeling down because she'd "only" lost a pound, the presenter whipped out this bag of lard - it was great to see the look on the woman's face when she was faced with how much she'd actually lost! Think I might keep my own pund of lard in the fridge for those moments :)

3lbs is a great loss for 1 week - well done you xx
Like the others have said, 3 lbs is a fantastic weight loss. You have to remember that its going to take time, you didn't wake up one more and was suddenly over 20 stone hun, so its going to take time to come back off, BUT it will happen. Stick with it hun, I was over 21st when I started my weight loss journey, was over 20st when I started Xenical. Just don't get disheartened. Its a long road, but OMG its worth it :)
Hi congratulations on your weight loss, I do the Weight Watchers diet and the leader in our class brought in a bag of fat weighing 1 pound in weight and I couldnt believe the size of it. When I lose a pound a week now I just think of the bag of fat off my body, also try and lift a 3 lb bag of potatoes and you can really feel the amount you have lost. good luck in your weight loss journey
i have thot of weighing a brick n just say it was 5lbs everytime i lose 5lbs i could buy another brick hopefully by the time im done i could build a wall.........extend the house maybe!!lol i very into visual stuff!


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love the brick idea....
think if we joined all our losses we could build something like the great wall or soemthing!!
I knew a woman years ago who bought a lb of lard everytime she lost a lb and when she had 14 she moulded it into an arse shape and kept it in her shed, she added more lard with every lb she lost and she said as the lard arse got bigger she visualised her body arse getting smaller. Anyway she had over 30lb of lard arse before the weather got warmer and the thing got melty and a bit rancid! So before she threw it away she took a photo of it with a feather stuck between the cheeks (to represented lightness) and had that on her fridge!
Thanks to all of you for the kind words. I know it's a very long journey! I'm having a conservatory built soon so I like the idea of the brick. Not so sure about the lard arse!!! very funny thoughx
lol.. i think i am going to definately get a brick to weigh it now! i will look odd going into BnQ wanting 1 brick with a smirk on my face!!heehee

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