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Sarah's 1st baby pregnancy diary


I will be a yummy mummy!

Well I thought I'd start a diary right from the start...

First a bit of background...
I'm 27, my hubby's 29. We've been married almost 5 years, together for 9. And in august we decided to start TTC. We were going to wait a bit longer but found out that I'm being made redundant at the end of this year so thought it was the right time - means I can get my maternity as well as my redundancy, and even take a bit more time off.

Well my period was due Wednesday and I had some strange spotting then nothing. So I took a test Friday morning and it was positive!

We're over the moon!! I could barely work on Friday with the excitement!!

My other symptoms included some soft shooting pains across the sides of my belly - this was around time of implantation, painful trapped wind the last two days, a small wave of nausea yesterday and my main symptom is constant annoying ache in my lower back where I just can't get comfy - I've had this for the last two weeks.

Silly as it sounds I'd love to start feeling more nausea to make it more real!

By my calculations I'm 4+4 and due on 28th september. my first appointment with the midwife is 10th feb - it's going to feel like forever!

So I'm reading anything and everything about what to expect at this app.

Hope you're all doing well xx
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I will do this!
hehe congrats, but as above, don't wish for morning sickness, it can really really get you down. But this is an amazing time, enjoy it all.


I will be a yummy mummy!
Thanks both!

It's not that I want morning sickness, it would just make the pregnancy a bit more real than just seeing those 2 pink lines if you know what I mean!!

Well I'm not sure if the tiredness has hit (or if it's just me being lazy!) but I did manage to nap on the sofa for 2-3 hours yesterday, and go to sleep as normal last night... and I feel pretty tired this morning.

And my appetite seems to have come back - managed all of my dinner (slow cooked pork with mash and veggies) and brekkie today (well cooked 'fried' egg on toast).
I could only manage about half of my brekkie and lunch yesterday...
I am determined to be as healthy as I can where I can throughout my pregnancy.
As I'm overweight anyway, I've given myself a mini goal of not putting on more than a stone throughout - wonder if I can stick to it! :D

I've heard about docs giving girls a hard time because of their weight, hope that doesn't happen :(
I'm a size 16 so hopefully they won't see that as being too much of a problem even though my BMI is quite high.

I'm so excited, can't wait for Wednesday for week 5 to come... for me every week will be a huge milestone. But I know time is going to draaag until my first midwife appointment on the 10th!

Hope you're all having a good day x


I will be a yummy mummy!
Well I popped into M&S earlier and booked in for a bra fitting tomorrow ready to pick up some unwired ones-they're quite pretty too which is a surprise.
Well my boobs have been hurting a bit more today and I'm still off my food a bit, also really liked the smell of my leather handbag in the car on the way home (although that could just be me being a bit weird!!)

I also had a look at some of the maternity wear in peacocks - they've got some nice cheap bits, I've got no idea when I'll start needing them though...


I will be a yummy mummy!
Had my bra fitting earlier... I'm normally a 38E (got measured last year) and panicked a little when the woman suggested I needed a G cup !!! That was only one style though and I settled on a style where I fitted a 40E... Phew! There's room to grow and she said it would last me about 2.5months.
Also... I did another test - a clearblue digital one! Well it was still positive - phew! And marked me at 1-2 weeks, which is a bit off my estimations but that's ok.

I felt quite sick this morning but feel a lot better now - plus my back feels a lot better and I've got a bit more energy. Still have terrible trapped wind this afternoon though so seems like that'll be ongoing.

Going to a pub quiz tonight so will have fun giving reasons why I'm not drinking!

Anyway about to go and have some syn free bolognese so hope you're all having a good day !
Oo what excuses did you use for not drinking? Congratulations btw! x


I will be a yummy mummy!
Thanks hun! Luckily nobody was drinking so I didnt need an excuse! Might not be so easy next time...
Well we broke the news to MIL and SIL (whose baby is due next month) yesterday - they're delighted!
Seems much more real now other people know...


I will be a yummy mummy!
I am getting ridiculously paranoid now...

After reading far too much info on the internet, I started to worry that my tests were a bit faint, and the implantation bleeding I had before my first positive, could have been something worse...

So I've just taken my 4th (yes 4th) test today.

1st - Fri 21st: Faint positive first thing in the morning
2nd - Sun 23rd: Slightly darker positive first thing
3rd - Tues 25th: Pg 1-2 wks (Clearblue conception indicator) lunchtime
4th - Mon 31st: Very dark positive lunchtime

I'm satisfied now that I most definately am pregnant... I think my hubby thinks I'm nuts!!

Anyway maybe once I get past the 6 week mark on Wednesday I might start relaxing a bit more instead of worrying constantly.

I've been looking at maternity clothes today. I've got two occasions where I need a dress/nice outfit in April when I'll be 15 weeks, and seen a nice dress in Mothercare I'll probably go for if it's still there then.

I'm going to tell my boss tomorrow too. I didn't really want to tell anyone but I figured if anything did happen and I needed time off at least it will be less awkward to explain. Plus I can ask what I'm entitled to in terms of time off - hoping I don't have to take next week's antenatal appointment as holiday


Don't read the internet! Monitoring your pregnancy by the darkness or light on a pregnancy test is unscientific and somewhat inaccurate! You'll only scare yourself, the only way to monitor HCG concentration is by blood test. Saying that I liked to do the clearview one once a week to watch the numbers climb :D

Re maternity clothes - I'm 16 weeks now, not too far off weight wise where you are, and I've not got any maternity clothes yet - have went up a dress size though to accomodate boobs and belly. So dont' panic that you need maternity clothes stat (I did and scoured ebay though, lovely mat dresses for about £10 btw)

And yay for being past the 6 week mark! Try not to worry constantly, enjoy the fact that you and hubby have this wee secret thats yours at the moment. Believe me, once everyone knows you feel a bit like public property (I wish I'd kept mines secret yet so I had some peace and quiet!)


I will be a yummy mummy!
Thanks Lexie.
All isn't that good at the moment though, I had some spotting yesterday so went to the docs and although he reassured me that it's probably nothing to worry about, he's going to book me in for an early scan.
Well I'm still spotting today and trying very hard not to think the worst, On the plus side there has been no red blood, only pale pink/brown (sorry TMI) and I haven't had any pain.
I'm so scared though.

Doc is going to ring me this morning to let me know when my scan is.


I will be a yummy mummy!
Thanks CatCrazy. I am feeling slightly more positive (well I'm not ready to burst into tears any second anymore).
The doc suggested it could be implantation bleeding and I kinda dismissed it thinking I'd already had implantation bleeding a couple of days before I tested positive. But reading the babycentre website, they said implantation bleeding can happen anytime in the first 9 weeks! So I think he may have been right... and the initial bleeding I had was breakthrough bleeding due to hormones at the time.
I'm clinging onto this at the moment and hoping this is the case... fingers crossed!


I don't think you'll hear it, but you will see the wee flash flickering away on the screen.

Fingers crossed for you and sending you good vibes :vibes:


I will be a yummy mummy!
Well I'm back. They had to give me an internal scan as I'm so early. She said I'm measuring about 5 weeks (am ok with that as my periods were slightly irregular and I wasn't tracking when I ovulated)
Because it was so early she could only see the egg sack and the yolk, so I've got to go back in valentines day (great!) for another scan.

I'm very relieved there wasn't anything untoward but still anxious about the next scan. Just keeping my fingers crossed everything will be ok


I will be a yummy mummy!
Hi any readers out there,

I'm still pretty nervous about Monday's scan but I'm really trying to look on the bright side and stay positive. I honestly believe I'd know deep down if there was anything wrong.

My appetite has still been all over the place! After living on bland boring stuff for days, hubby took me out for Sunday lunch and I devoured all the fresh veggies like they were going out of fashion! I still can't bring myself to cook anything fresh though :confused: I think the key is for someone else to cook it for me, which is why beans on toast a la hubby has been a key item on the menu!!
I'm determined as soon as my appetite comes back to get right back onto SW - I really don't want to put on too much weight through pregnancy.

I've also been feeling quite nauseous on and off (no sickness yet though), mainly kicking in from morning to mid afternoon. And my boobs have completely ballooned in the last week or so - so much so a couple of tops are now tight on me, and they feel as though they've been used as punching bags!! I'm going to go for another bra fitting in a couple of weeks and see how much I've grown!

Also after putting my work trousers on yesterday, since last week they are really quite tight on! Seems a bit early but I might have to pick up some maternity trousers soon :eek:
Won't do anything until I've had my scan though


You might find maternity trousers are too big - I'm 17 weeks now and they still flap about like clown trousers. I was a 16 pre preg and now still mamaging to fit into a 18.

Try popping into Primark and picking up a larger size than you normally wear, covers your expanding waistline and doesn't look ridiculous.

Remember you can do the hairband trickk too - gives you another few weeks in the trousers!

And don't worry about your scan too much. I was dated at 5 weeks when I went for my 7 week scan, yet at my 13 week scan baby had a wee growth spurt and I'm only 3 days behind my original dates.

Rest assured baby is in the right place and you'll be able to see a bit more on Monday!

My appetite came back and has now disappeared again. And Ive completely went off anything too strong.
I second that about maternity trousers, they really will be way too big until you have a proper baby bump. I wore my jeans thru to week 32 with a hairband fastening...OMG it 14 years ago...believe everyone when they say cherish the time because it flies, it really does!

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