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Sarah's Adventures in SlimmingLand!

Okey dokey! Well here's the beginning of my little tale...maybe I should start with a bit about me and mine.

I'm Sarah, I'm (cringe) 29 and have a lovely husband and a baby girl who is 10 months old. I also have two slightly psychotic cats, both of which have eating disorders - one is very fat and one won't eat unless hand fed. Hey ho.

I've been on and off SW since I was 23, I've not got much weight to lose but I have bad attitudes towards food and I don't want to go into my 30's with them. I've wasted a lot of time being sad about food and my body blah blah blah and I'm done now!

So today is the planning day for tomorrow's restart. I feel I always need a preparation day before the new start, needless to say today has been about eating all the cake that was left in the cupboards :p

It's an interesting time to be restarting - I'm off back to work in a month or so, my baby girl has to start nursery and she's currently suffering from a weird pox like virus (not chicken or small though) so is covered in billions of red spots and looks like the Swamp Thing. So I'm a little harrassed and a lot tired but there's no better day than today to start right? Or tomorrow at least...:17729:

Sarah x
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Oh my goodness, I have to admit I'm a total Gleek and Kurt just said "look what I'm eating - peeled celery. And this morning for breakfast I ate Splenda". I nearly died laughing, sounds like some of the terrible diets I bet we've all tried before :)

Sarah x
Good morning!

So today is the big day (no pressure of course). There is no food left in my house, healthy or otherwise so no temptation left for me! Although I probably should go to the shops before we perish. I just hope no-one sees Baby Girl and thinks she has leprosy or something, she's still very unattractive at the minute.

So far today I have brought my Wii back to life and done the first day of a new 30 day challenge on WiiActive, i really do enjoy it but for me exercise only belongs to the "being good" phases of my life. Along with vegetables and fruit, although they're tasty, there's no point eating them unless I'm in the zone. These are just some of the silly attitudes that have got to change!

Well bye for now, I have very important things to do like drooling over the food network while Baby Girl has a nap, gotta love maternity leave :)


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Good luck Miffypie (love your name!) I hope it all goes really well....and hope little Miffypie soon gets rid of her spots! x
Good morning again!

Yesterday was a good day food wise, went something like this -

Mix 2 Max day

Breakfast; weetabix and skimmed milk (HEb, HEa)
Lunch; bacon and eggs
Tea; mushroom rissotto - all free food
Snacks; melon, pear, apple, 2x alpen light bars (HEb), mullerlight
Syns; 3xrich tea biscuits - 6 syns

On a not so good note, ClumsySarah made an appearance and I managed to fall over in the middle of the road with Baby Girl in her buggy, cue lots of tears from everyone and post-traumatic stress for me with hideous thoughts of us both getting run down by the bus that was coming towards us. Not cool! But we're both ok, thankfully buggies are made of good stuff!

Today is going well so far, but it is only 10am i guess. Today is a green day and I have thoughts of SW chips and curry sauce for tea, yum yum yum. Even my husband, who insists on having "proper" oven chips while I have SW chips, said "s'pose they're quite nice, if you didn't tell me they're SW chips I might not know. Curry sauce was ace though". He's good with compliments :)

Anyway, toodle-pip for now, hope everyone's having a fabulous day so far x x
I really do have far too much time to lurk here at the minute! I guess there are far worse things I could be doing though :)

Today is a green day;

Breakfast; weetabix and milk (HEb, HEa)
Lunch; left over mushroom rissotto, with salad and babycorn
Tea; SW chips and curry sauce, yum
Snacks; melon, 2 alpen lights (HEb), apple, yog probably
Syns; undecided as yet.

Today I took Baby Girl to mothercare to get some new clothes, she's a little chunky monkey and is growing out of all her 9-12 month stuff. To add to her total Miffyness, I got her a new Miffy t-shirt today, so ridiculously pleased!

And the highlight of my day so far was seeing someone moving house while I was out and about and they were attempting to squish a double mattress into a punto. Hilarious :)
Hey Hey,

Today was an ok day food wise, had a green day and felt ok, although I'm still craving biscuits and cake but that's normal for me!

I'm having a crisis with my scales - they're desperately unreliable and give me at least three different weights every time I get on them. Not sure what to do really, I can't go to group due to finances and really get no motivation from my fluctuating scales. Any advice anyone? Not sure buying another set will help, I think it's just the uneven floors and general un-calibrated-ness of home scales!

Thursday 6th May - green day.

B'fast: weetabox and milk (HEb, HEa)
Lunch: Spicy tomato Nation's Pasta pot
Dinner: Pork fried rice (HEb portion of pork)
Syns: Big fat hot choc with a friend (not SW friendly) and 3 Nice biscuits.
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Good morning!

Going it alone appears not to be going so well, so I am joining a warm and friendly slimming world group tomorrow! I just think I need the help and the reliability of proper scales that I can trust!

This weekend hasn't been great food wise and I feel horrible for it, really tired and sicky. Good food ahoy!

Will join class tomorrow and face the hideous music and maybe even post my proper starting weight - uber scary!!

Wish me luck and skinny thoughts! :)
Just had a quick read of your diary. I found a lot of comparisons with the way you think and feel about food, ie whenever I wasn't dieting I wouldn't exercise or eat much fruit and veg because I associated them with diet foods...silly eh? And of course I always had to clear the cupboards and have a 'last supper' before dieting only to find the diet would last about 3 days before I gave up!

But have to say good on you for deciding to join a group. I'm also in a position where I struggle to find the money some weeks to go along but joining a group was the best thing I ever did and I would hate to give it up and go it alone. The support and friendships I've found at my group have been a big part of my success this time around after all the years of failed diets.

I really hope it works out for you :)
Hi Miffy - have you thought about using the scales at Boots or Tesco? It's only 50p and they are accurate. Plus with Boots you get a little credit card thing that tracks your weight etc.

Most Tescos have scales, normally by the loos. Good luck with whatever you decide xx
MarieN - thanks so much for your reply - it is really daft the way we associate foods and exercise with either being "on" or "off" a diet. I like fruit and veg and it makes me feel good to eat them, so why should they belong to diet days only? Part of what I want to achieve by changing my midset is to stop thinking in "being on a diet" terms, rather just "being" and living my life healthily, for me and for my family.

I hope I can get the support I obviously need so much at group, and of course all you lovely people on here!

Louise - thanks for the tip about the scales, I hope to join group, get settled and learn the new plans and then see how money works out, if I need to leave in the future then it'll be the Boots scales for me :)
Hello Hello!

I joined my lovely new SW group last night and weighed in at 11st 1lb :eek:

My new consultant said "don't beat yourself up about it, you've had a baby". I wish I could blame LittleMiffy for my lardy issues, but alas, I was one of those very annoying people who lost all the baby weight within two weeks of having her. My current muffin top is just that - muffins.

Ah well, onwards and downwards if you will, hope to lose a stone by the time I go back to work on 29th June, I bought a countdown for six weeks to try to tempt me to stick to it, I hate wasting money!

I'm still a little confused about EE but I'm giving it a try, this morning I had weetabix and skinny milk for breakfast, nothing superfree in there so don't know if it counts, but I don't see the point of eating fruit just for the sake of it, I never have more than ceral for breakfast anyway.

So there we go, better go update my ticker to add on the extra pounds *sigh*.

Gosh it's been a busy week! And it's weigh in at class tomorrow night and I'm scared :(

I've stuck to plan 100% and have tried my best with the fruit and veggies, managing at every meal to have 1/3 except for breakfast which always has and always will be just cereal.

The only thing I've done differently this time that I've never done before is to use my Syns. Which has made me feel really naughty and I'm convinced I won't have lost a sausage. I've had chocolate or cake or bisuits every single day and I've really enjoyed them but now I'm panicking that it just won't work for me!

Oh I'm just never happy am I? Hopefully it'll all go well tomorrow and I can trust in the plan a bit more for next week - fingers crossed hey!

x x
Argh - it's weigh in tonight, I'm still nervous and I've eaten barely anything today in preparation - silly me!! Think it'll go ok but I can't help but be nervous, I've tried SW so many times before, I really want this to be my last time!!

Focus focus! :)

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