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Hiya Everyone who's reading this thank you! I decided that if I write a journal about what i've been up to during the week it should definately help my weight loss, not that I'm having problems but it's nice to share stories and keep each other motivated! I'm just entering my 4th week of weight watchers and I lost 8.5lb in the first week, only 0.5 in the second and then 5 this week so I'm delighted to have lost a stone in the last 3 weeks horay!! I'm doing the points plan as I work in a nursery and the children eat every like 3 hours its crazy! So it's good that I can bring in some snacks without feeling that I'm missing out on anything! How is everyone else getting along?

Love Sarah xxxx:rolleyes:
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S: 23st7lb C: 23st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good morning everyone, Hope anyone reading this is having a good sunday. I got up feeling like eating alot!! So i've had
crumpets 2.5 points
three eggs scrambled 4points
cheese 1point
milk 0.5points
Yummy! 8 points I'm on 33 so i've got 25 left xxx


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sounds like a plan.. is this your diary diary or your food diary or a bit of both? Cause if you want people to comment then it'll be better to have it in the normal WW board rather than in the food diaries.. as people just use them more for inspiration than for posting / discussion etc :)

anyway, welcome to the boards (even though you've been here as long as i have! :p)

congrats on your stone anyway - thats a fantastic achievement and I bet you feel loads better already :) good luck with your coming week - which day do you weigh in? x