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sarah's new beginnings...in more ways than one!

so today is day 1 of my CD journey and so far its going as i expected. i have taken all my measurements ans some photos of me now as well as some in various items of clothing (that only just fits me now, size 20's) so i have something to compare to in a few weeks time :)

im starting this weighing 16st 3lb and i will end it 6 stones less at 10st 3lbs or under :eek:

i had a cappaccino shake for breakfast, a banana shake for lunch and a vanilla is to be my tea :) all accompanied by so far 2 litres of water with more to go ...tho im in and out of the loo every 30 min!

Im feeling very positive and cant wait to see my progress :) im feeling skinnier already :p x
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update for day 1....

iv now got a slight headache so i think il watch a little tv, then bath and early night :) iv been busy doing housework chores today to keep me busy, seems to have worked. and im really pleased to have got through my 1st day :) x
Thank u hun! the banana one was nice, wasnt so keen on the cappachino tho but as i dont like any of the soups, im limited to shakes lol. but id def recommend the banana. Well done on your weight loss, your total is fab, u must be very proud of yourself :) x
DAY 2.....

iv still got a mild headache along with a fluffy tongue but that can only mean one thing.....ketosis is not far away :) im hoping to turn a corner tmrw or thursday and get that 'i feel great' feeling u often get after the first few days.

I had strawberry shake for breakfast at 10am then a vanilla at 2 pm and il have fruits of forrest shake for tea, prob about 6 pm to space them out. iv been drinking loads of water too and im definately looking forward to trying some bars and water flavourings next week hopefully :) x
hi sleepy,

im glad to say that yes im still going strong :) how r u getting on? x
Day 2 cont....

so my shakes are done, water is going well but iv now got 'the shakes' :-( im thinking its just another step closer to ketosis? i see my CDC on sunday for my first weigh in so il ask if i can have a bar a day in place of a shake and water flavourings cos im sure this would help me. or I may consider SS+ or 810 plan if i struggle too much as id rather do the one i can maintain for the duration rather than struggle, i think that makes more sense. Roll on 1st weigh in as thats what im focusing on :) x
bars and flavourings are week 3 :( you'll be fine when you get into ketosis. all these rubbish feelings will be gone. i'm starting back on the 810 tomorrow. was to be today but hubby has seduced me with some champers etc. have put on a bit this xmas and weigh in is monday so i need to get back on track asap. the pain of ketosis will be there for me too :(:(
aw a day postponed seems reasonable to me in place of champers :) im hoping keto will help, its just so tough! iv no idea what the differences are in the SS+ and 810 plan? but good luck to u for your re-start, any gain uv put on will soon be back off again :) x
I started on the 810 plan as having tried SS a long time ago (and struggled a lot) i decided that it was worth losing 2 lbs (average) less per month in return for eating a little bit of food everyday (e.g. 2 egg mushroom omelette). I have found it a lot easier and using my stinky breath and furry tongue I am thinking that I am still in ketosis...some days I split my protein in half and have some to after a soup to take the horrible taste away!
Have a word with your CDC about the different plans...no point in suffering and struggling through SS - I am bizarrely 'happy' on 810 (with a few SS+ days when I can't be bothered to cook) - also, I have found that I don't feel guilty about having a bit of food - which is something I really struggled with on SS before...a bit of chicken would bring on an avalanche of guilt resulting in a major carb filled binge.
Whatever you do - good luck!
i'm always in ketosis at 810 even when i have an extra babybell as i can't stand waiting too long to eat :eek:
DAY 3.....

thank u clairbear and great things for your advice, i most certainly will have a chat with my CDC about those plans as i think i may be better on one of those, its great to hear from some one else who has tried it and are still doing fab!!! Thank u xx

86alpzzyj - thank u for asking :) i am doing great still but have been rather shakey for most of today with a lingering headache as an added bonus! but im still not in keto which is a shame. i think i will be going on to a different plan, maybe SS+ or 810 but il see. how u doing? xx
glad u r doing well :) and i will up my water a lil more and see what that does for me. im prob finding it worse as i didnt prepare b4 starting as i planned, in fact i ate more than ever :-( so all my own fault x
DAY 6 :-(

well i was sticking to it :-( i decided to come off plan yesterday as i had a migraine since tue that wasnt going, it was far more than just a headache so i made that decision, not to mention the constant shakes. i do feel better now but still under the weather, but i always get like this after a migraine so im not surprised. i was disappointed that i came off plan to start with, but now i think i made the right decision and will be back on plan monday as i was taking tmrw off plan anyway due to pre-arranged family meal. im going to do SS+ but with 4 shakes and still no food, i dont think i can do it with food, its all or nothing with me :) and im going to ask if i can have a bar in place of a shake and have water flavourings now rather than wk 3 as this was how i got through it on LL, so i know what works for me. 3 shakes just isnt enough for me which i think is why i had the headache for so long then migraine. it hasnt put me off at all and i am definately dedicated more than ever.

i hope everyone is having a great start to the new year and are still enjoying their journey xxxx
DAY 7(of what has now become my prep week :-s)

thank u x i do feel much better now and ready for tmrw's re-start :) im quite looking forward to it :) i know im likely to get some headaches over the next few days but im hoping the 4th shake will help stop it progressing into a migraine this time! i have got an alternative migraine pill from my GP last week just in case, its more suited for my diet so i feel more prepared and i can take half dose for bad headaches so everything covered and im ready to go. my start weight has gone up tho as between getting weighed and starting CD, i had christmas so thats caught up with now im off plan with a 4lb gain :-( but im not going to let that worry me as il have that off by mid week :) and im hoping for a 10lb lose for my 1st 100% SS+ week this week! xx
Good luck Sarah! I was speaking to my CDC today and she said i could have water flavouring from the first week - i am really struggling with so much water on its own. i also got bars today which I will start tomorrow (day 6) My CDC said that most of her clients start bars straight away and they still get into ketosis at the same rate. xx
Thank u Cheryl :) U sound like u have yours going to plan :) I am sure my CDC will be fine with me having the flavourings and bars straight off, I see her tonight at 7 so Il soon know! How have u found it so far? Do u feel u r in ketosis now? I know with LL i was in ketosis on day 3 so im hoping for a simular space of time with CD xx
Hi Sarah,

Yes i feel it is going to plan finally! I have be trying to get on it for months now and only managing until 4pm on day one and then binging... I actually managed 2 days in November and then binged so this is totally amazing for me being on day 6!

Think i am in ketosis as not ravenous, headachey or grumpy anymore and the weight is coming off so fingers crossed.

However, my tummy is still rumbling and i'm still fighting the urge to binge so not sure if it is ketosis really.

Just had my first bar, a mint choc crunch and it did taste a bit like After Eights so i am really pleased! Something to look forward to eating (I am teling myself anyway!).

Let me know how tonight goes xx
Below this sentance is a line....the line iv drawn under last week ready for my re-start


Today has gone wonderfully well, better than I expected :) Iv had no real hunger, Iv drank loads of water and I had my 1st weigh in since before Christmas....and I lost 4lbs!! Which im really pleased with as I spent most of last week off plan, so im happy :) My CDC agreed to let me have bars and water flavourings from today, which I know will be a huge help for me. I tried the choc mint bar and I totally agree with u Cheryl...a pleasant alternative to after eight! I think I can live with this diet :) The vegetable hot water flavor wasnt at all bad either.

My only down side to today is that my back has gone into a spasm so Im in terrible pain. OH has rubbed some pain killer gel into it to see if that helps so Im hoping that and some rest tonight will resolve it by morning

Roll on next weigh in on Sunday at 7 pm x
DAY 2.......

Had another fab day today CD wise. Had very little hunger tho during last night i heard quite alot of noise but it soon settled down. My back is still bad, cant move today so iv had a few painkillers which are now helping :) and now iv had a hot shower and looking forward to my vegetable drink and a bar and a little tv for the evening x

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