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Sarah's success (hopefully!!!)

Hello ladies and gents,

After doing slimming world for nearly 12 months I've come to a bit of a standstill so I've decided to post an olive food diary to see if that helps!!! Although I've been doing it nearly 12 months (well about 10
Yet) I've not always stuck to it then also went completely off the rails earlier in the year due to some bad news. I can say 100% that I'm a comfort eater, but I am trying to change!!! I prefer green days to ee cuz I hate that 1/3 superfree all the time and I find red too costly. Any support/advice or just a kick up the bum along the way would be greatly appreciated!!! Weight loss so far 19 1/2 lb and ideally I'd like to shift 73lb before I get married in may 2013 so roughly 1 lb a week :) fingers crossed
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Day 1

Green day

Went to weigh in and brought some of the mint bars....gorgeous!! So had 2 for my b choice

1 slice of toast 5 syns
Pate 2 syns
Spring onion

Snacks so far... Peach, nectarine, some reheated cabbage, potato, leek and turnip from yesterday, a pear

Wholegrain batchelors creamy carbonara whole pack 1/2 syn

I'm having actifry chips with oil 1 tsp sp 1 syn baked beans and maybe a fry lighted egg!!

Pudding I've made a lime jelly which I'll have 1/2 off so that's 1 syn then for pudding I'm having strawberry whip 4 1/2 syns and using one hex a for the milk.
For the 2nd hex a milk Ive got a rice pudding in the oven with skimmed milk sweetener and nutmeg which will be my evening snack rather than raiding the junk cupboard!!!

So far 15 syns :) and a shed load of food!!!!
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Day 2

Undecided yet what plan to follow!!

Woke up in the night and couldn't sleep so had a hazelnut hot choc 2 syns

Decided on green day (my fave!!)

Breakfast wholemeal roll (57g) sliced, toasted with beans on top (no spread)

Lunch pasta and sauce cheese leek and ham flavour whole pack 1 syn

Oh my goodness I've just use 1 x hea skimmed milk and tesco value strawberry whip (about 5p) to make a lovely thick strawberry milkshake :) massive treat 9 syns for pack!

Snack heb mint Hifi bar, 3 peaches, handful of cherries & raspberries, activia cherry yoghurt,

Were having jacket potato with beans and a fishcake 4 syns which will take me over by 1 syn but I'll claw that back tomorrow as I'm at work all day
Syns so far = #16#

Ooh just realised I can still have one hex a going to add some cheese to my spud :) yum yum yum yum yum
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I'm being eager and updating for tomorrow as I'm at work tomorrow from 07.45 till 20.15 so will forget else!!

I'm doing ee today

Porridge heb with water and peach

Lunch pasta and sauce leek cheese and ham 1/2 pack bulked out with salad and veg with fruit after (1 syn)

Coffee break more fruit

Tea findus chicken breast with veg meal 6.5 syns on ee

Syns so far including carrying one over from yesterday 8.5 syns

Change of plan I've realised I've got puffed wheat in so that's my breakfast sorted with skimmed milk...yummy!!

Just got in and had a slice of garlic bread 4 syns so total for day =12.5

I can honestly say hand on heart this is the first few days for a long time I've gone to bed under 15 syns!!!
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Thursday decided on a green day so:

Hea skimmed milk
Heb puffed wheat 28g

Lunch broccoli pasta and sauce syn free

Mid afternoon snack is going to be hex a cheese and nimble bread hex b with 1/2 syn worth of branston pickle

Then I've had a bag of monster munch
5.5 syns and a slice of nimble 2.5 oh and some beans and x2 ff asda yoghurt

Also had a ww whip thing chocolate 2.5
Syns so far 11

Oops oil & 1 more nimble 2.5 = 14.5

Just munching on some blueberries & an apple
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Planning ahead for tomorrow as I'm working a long day. It'll be a red day :)

Breakfast 3 low syn sausages from the local butcher = 1 syn scrambled egg made with hex a ss milk and fry lighted mushrooms

Lunch 2 more sausages = 1 syn and 198g new pots with skins hex b carrot and cabbage oh and there is spring onion in the mash

Evening meal = salmon fillet, carrot, cabbage, another 198g mash pud = asda ff dessert style yoghurt.

Snacks will be apples & oranges

Total syns so far =2 and one hex a remaining!!!

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