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  1. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Hi everyone :wave_cry:

    im new to weight watchers im on my 4th week now and so far i have lost 7lb exactly so i got my first silver sticker haha:p

    Iv previously lost 2 and half stone with sw and i put a little bit on then a little bit more and even more to that. I tried sw before but it just didnt fit in to my life and got a little stuck and didnt know what i wanted to do. I got really down about it and ate more......none of my clothes fit so i decided enough is enough. I plucked up the courage to join ww and usually i dont go back to the next meeting but this time i did!! im loving the plan and feel like im actually doing it.

    Iv got to a stage where im thinking this is too good to be true now and some days find it hard to cram my 26 points in so im making a diary to keep me right and hopefully get some idea's, hints, tips and basically if im doing something wrong for someone to tell me :rolleyes:

    Thanks for looking and hope you will follow my diary xxx
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  3. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    So today iv had......

    B) Bacon and mushroom sarnie 4pp

    L) Seafood salad 3pp

    D) tesco's chicken in tomato and basil, ww mash and veg 8pp

    Melon, grapes, banana and pinapple

    naughty treats:
    asda mini mars bar, ww crisps, 30g wensleydale and cranberry cheese, 2 rich tea and a cup of tea

    Total dailies - 26
    weeklies - 0
    A/P earned - 2

    Iv been for a little walk along the beach tonight and have earned...............2 points wahoo!!!! ;o)

    I get weighed on a sat so a sat is my "treat day" i tend to have 1 meal thats naughty this week was a kfc mmmmmmmmmm so i use my weeklies for that. Also i have had some cake on sunday so used my weeklies then and then i dont tend to use them through the week! its just what iv got used to doing.

    I make cakes as a hobby/start of business and iv been making cupcakes and its sooooo hard not to have any I AM STRONG lol

  4. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    hi luv!
    your food looks good :)
    i did SW as well started in january this yr and lost over a stone! i went on hliday and couldnt seem to get back on it so all my wieght and much more went back on!
    this is my third week on WW and have loads more points than u 2 use i have 43 and i struggle to have all them but i am now jus puttin more into my meals and not snacking as much!
    making cupcakes and not eating them haha yes u are strong i defo couldnt do it loL!xxxxx
  5. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Thanks for your message its nice to hear people that's also goin thru what I am lol. There is lots of people done sw and gone to ww I just love the different variety that you can get. I felt like a veggie on sw cos I did old red and green days and found green filled me more. The first week of ww I was hungry but not starving and now I think I'm just used to it. I love it.....

    Todays food is.....

    Instant porridge 5pp I fancied something hot and that hit the spot

    Lunch was a ham salad wrap and ww crisps 7 pp

    I did take fruit to snack on but been so busy I havnt ate it yet

    I had a tea and 2 rich teas to dunk so that was 2pp
    I only have a drop of milk but today had powder milk but only a spoon full so ill have another later and call that 1pp until I find out.

    Tea will be bangers and mash. I love the Morrison's nume range so its 2 sausages 5pp and ww spring onion mash and ill have 2 portions so that's 4 with gravy 1pp - total 10

    Then later I dunno what to have for my 2 pp left

    Total used 26/26
    Weeklies 0 today

    Might go for a walk and try and shred a lb before WI tomorrow eek
  6. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    morning good luck for WI u will b fine :)

    yeh i no a few ppl who hav switched from SW to WW i found the portion control a problem it worked for a while but i am loving WW and enjoying sticking to it! we will be off out shoppin today so i am making sure my bags got fruit WW crisps and a WW bar in it lol
  7. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    i stayed the same!!!:cry:

    im so mad coz iv stuck to my dailies! oh i dint know, at first i thought i was having too many micro meals and have been told to stay clear and i read pples diaries and everyone makes food so iv done that this week and stayed the same!

    but....i havnt drank as much water, i had 3 days off work and didnt manage to get any lunch in, iv not walked as much. i only eat 1 naught meal on a weekend and last week i did a day and on sunday i ate cake......:badmood:

    normally for brecki i have crumpets and toast but last week i had bacon sausage and mushroom sarnies and i was mega bloated ( you know what they say if it sticks in ya throat it sticks in ya a*** lol)

    so my new plan!! porridge and fruit and lots of fibre'ie things ......lots of fruit and veg with every meal and keep it as fresh as :)
  8. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Aawww hun dnt b to down or mad at ur self about it!
    I have WW meals not ALL the time but look at my page I have WW pizza's they're meals tonight I'm having a WW quiche! My partner works nights so I have WW meals in for when I cnt b bothered cooking I have a frozen ready meal every thursday I come back from WI!
    Do u use ur weeklies as well coz I have ben told u lose more if u do this? So maybe share them ?
    Wat u eating today xx
  9. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    i will do, i tend to have a naughty meal and use my weeklies that way and ill have a few thru the week, i think im gonna stop having a naughty meal and use at least 5 weeklies a day maybe just to use them up!

    ohh the pizza sounds good. i was just having things like cottage pie and veg or chicken and veg so need to try diff things. i like the quiche i have that with salad but might start having it with chips and beans yum!

    today im going to town with my mam and nana and its usually a sunday (saturday) dinner i will be having and my partner wants to take me out tonight but might suggest the pizza night xx
  10. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    so i got weighed this morning and stayed the same!!! iv had my winge and moan about it now i need to make sure next week is a loss

    so today normally i wouldnt count my points but im going to today maybe thats where im going wrong.

    however i went into town with my mam and nana and i got cottage pie with veg and i cannot find the points anywhere for it. There was no pudding but they offered me a banana and walnut cake......dunno what that would be either but only ate half....the dropped my mam off home and automaticaly went to the sweetie draw and found rolo's mmmmmmm so iv had half a pack and i cannot find the pp in my shop guide so already im not having a good start arghhhhhhhhhhh :banghead:

    im not giving up hell no im just having a cack day. so im gonna have a nice tea tomorrow and start a fresh and be positive tomorrow!

    i find im getting very obsessed with it its all i ever talk about and think but its coz im so focused and want to do well!!

    anyway rant over im gonna be happy from on lol :p
  11. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    I find it hard to not become obessed with it hun! Every morning I wake up and think what day am I going t have and wat am I going to eat?!
    I haven't had the best day today but I have pointed them all! I have had 20 weeklys and all of my 43 eeekkk :(
    I had alook on the WW and I have found rolos to b 7pp for a packet dnt hold me to that but that's what I have found!! I love crunchies and for 5pp WOW haha! I also love bombay mix so wil prob have a 30g portion for 4pp :) yum!!
    Dnt beat ur self up though hun everyone has off days u wouldn't b human if u were perfect!!
  12. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    i know i know iv had a bad day im putting it behind me and im gonna wake up feeling good and focused!! i think im retaining water too as its week before star week and i tend to get into a pattern with it. like you say im only human just gets you down when you know you have done good and you get stung in the bot lol xxx
  13. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    I'm off to Morrison's in the morning to get my bagels lol and also to price up some of the nume meals....I'm spending a fortune on the ww meals I need a cheaper alternative....any suggestions? x
  14. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    if they do there own good for u range the 'lighter' ones. i have a freezer full thankfully but i need t get fresh ones n i am the pain in the back side that stands there and puts all the info into my phone t see how many propoints are in stuff haha!
    woke up feelin fresh and glad 2 b back on it coz eating junky stuff yesterday im hungry!!!
  15. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    sunday's food flan

    Didnt have breakfast had a lazy morning in bed

    Lunch was2x nume sausage and ww spring onion mash with veg and gravy 10pp

    Dinner will be 150g pasta 4pp, 2x turkey rashers 1pp and ww tom and mozzarella sauce 2pp

    total 17pp on foodie

    9pp left i might have a bit choccy or later have a bagel i dont know yet!

    gonna go for a nice walk along the sea front and along the pier and then this after i have cakes to make always a killer but its ma 2nd job and i need some pennies lol

    im making lots of cupcakes for a buffett on tuesday at work which im dreading as i wont be having any of it but the smell and all the greedy gits will be scoffing around me lol :rotflmao:
  16. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Sunday has gone to plan so far so I'm happy iv added a crunchie in my points and some ww crisps I'm gonna go to pound land and get some ww stuff tomorrow iv also got the bagels I was after. Tea will still be the same and I have 2 points left so might have a mini wagon wheel or 2 rich tea I cannot decide. Iv had a banana and some apple and done a 45 min power walk and up some hefty steps so I need to work my activity points up and add them to my tracker.

    The thing about this forum doesn't matter if people dont read it makes you feel better about your self just to write something down and were all here doing the same thing so you know nobody will be sitting getting bored of you going on all the time coz it's allllll I talk about .....any ways that's my rant lol happy rant :rolleyes:
  17. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    I have had a bit of a muddle with all my points today but got it sorted in the end I am using all of my 43 and 1 of my weeklys still ave 24 weeklys left I think jus incase lol!!
    I haven't done much today my lil boy got up at half five so were both shattered lol xxx
  18. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    Ahhh bless him, how old is he? Well iv had a good day but want to point my stuff up off yest and I just cannot find anything anywhere x
  19. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    He'll b 3 in november :)
    What is it ur wanting ti point up that u cnt find?xx
  20. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    A normal cottage pie but I got a reply of 12pp. Did you day rolos were 5pp?? Or did I imagine that? x
  21. sarahloub1

    sarahloub1 Gold Member

    I am absolutely disgusted in myself!!!! I had a KFC last nite coz didn't know what I wanted...just pointed it up I had a boneless banquet and seriously could not eat it anyway ....28p I am furious but ill not have another argh :'(

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