saturday first meeting


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hi all,

been on lots and lots of diets - the only diet that worked for me was Atkins - lost quite a lot of weight but unfortunately due to some probs, comfort eating screwed it up i heard that LL is a good diet and I cannot believe how much weight all you great people are losing...the only thing im afraid of is getting fed up of eating the same food..but i guess it is a small price to pay, right?

so sat. im going to see a LL councellor and hopefully can start LL on monday and start shedding this excess weight that i have which is getting so a point that i cant even cross my legs is the simple stuff that put you down..

i will keep you the meanwhil i would appreciate a diet buddy who is starting or has started recently..

thanks for hearing me out
j xxx
that's extremely nice of you - diary sounds like a good idea.

thanks for your support!
Hi Jenna, welcome to LL - why don't you join in the LL starters in January thread? There are loads of new people on it and so you won't be short of diet buddies:D. I'm only on day 11 and am finding it OK. I don't look on the packs as food, just nutrition. Of course I'd like to eat real food but not because I'm hungry! Just focussing on how much slimmer I'll be in 3 months - can't wait:) :). So glad I found this diet (and forum) - hope you will be too.