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Saturday Night....hmmpf!

Hi there everyone...

My name is Gemma and i am on LT... I started Lipotrim on Monday and I have found it really easy all week although the first night I couldn't wait till morning because I woke up with hunger pains! I went for a weigh in yeasterday (3 days early because of work) but I still lost 10 pounds and was really pleased with myself...

I have done really well all week and now im wondering how much wine and pizza will set me back!!

I wont eat it, but i am finding this saturday night extremely hard and thought i would come on here to take my mind off it all!!

How does everyone else cope with x-factor without wine??!! They go hand in hand!! ha!

Gemma xx
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Wow!! 10lbs in 4 days! thats amazing! well done :) and welcome to the greatest diet on earth ;)

I hope you dont touch that wine & pizza as it will set you back considerably. DONT DO IT!! :D

Know what you mean about x-factor and wine but you can do it! You are almost over the worst so keep at it :) xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Definitely no wine or pizza. It would be a disaster. This is an all or nothing diet. You have had a fab weight loss in your first week. Well done and keep it up. I love a glass a wine but it is surprising how quickly you get used to not having any. Great for the liver. ha ha!
Hi Gembee,
So nice to see someone else similar .. I also started on Monday, but unlike you .. I got to saturday night and gave in :( 'only' a dinky donut (like the size of a 10p coin) but I feel so stupid, didnt even enjoy it.
Back on the wagon this morning, and really nice to see someone similar loosing such great amounts of weight ... I did weigh myself at home saturday morning and said I was 8 1/2 lbs down - so why the hell I ate that stupid donut and took myself out of ketosis I dont know. I'm just hoping it hasnt done too much damage at my official wi tomorrow night.

Be great to stay updated with someone, hope your going strong today,



Recovering Cookie Addict
Ditto the sparkling water, no fruit in it though!!! I've never been one for drinking at home in front of the TV so luckily I haven't had to conquer that particular habit. But as the girls have said, don't do it, it's not worth it. Well done on a fab loss and keep at it, it gets even easier!!
Hi everyone!!

You'll be glad to know i managed to get through Saturday night without the wine and pizza! Whooohooooo!! :D

I was in work at 7am this morning so wasnt the best idea to be drinking anyway!! Whilst i was at work i cooked a sunday dinner for my service users without even licking my fingers!! If i can get through that i can get through ANYTHING!!

Debbie it would be good to have a weight loss buddy if your interested... :)

Gemma xxxx

I'm up for that - be nice to have a buddy during this - I think it's going to be a complete rollercoaster of a ride :S

Have just been in town and brought myself some Ketostix so I can see if I'm in/out of ketosis ... i WILL do this!!

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