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ProPoints **Saturday Stunners**


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My WI is on a Saturday morning Sparkles. xx


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Stick with it Sparkles & you'll start to lose again. :) xx
I'm doing this at home and decided my weigh in day was going to be saturdays :)
Weigh in this morning - lost 2lbs
Good luck with yours girls and guys x


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Well done sparkles 1lbs off is better than nothing hun.

I STS again this week but on the plus side I have lost 53.5 inches in total so far!! :D
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*Sparkles* said:
well done, thats a great loss!

only 1lb loss for me this week...dissapointed wit that ....
Awwh no don't be disappointed with that?! I honestly thought I would've STS this week anyway... I would've been happy to lose a lb, happy with any loss this week... so well done you :)


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Sparkles I'm doing zumba classes 3 times a week & a legs, bums & tums class too.

I go to 2 different instructors for zumba. One is very high intensity & I'm sweating within 5 mins of starting; the other is very much dance orientated but equally as demanding as I'm not a dancer!!!
The legs, bums & tums class is more toning but I usually can't walk 48 hrs later. :(

Tomorrow I'm starting another zumba class so that takes me to 4 classes a week plus LBT class.

I could believe the inch loss!:eek::eek:
*Sparkles* said:
Ach anno I should be happy that it's a loss but im just getting sooo frustrated that I'm not losing as quickly as others are yet I've got more to lose. If I don't do aswell this week I'm gonna try going back to old points for a week and see if that works!
Well... At least you're losing although I know it can be frustrating when its going so slowly. I usually aim for a pound a week. So if I STS next week, I'll not be disheartened at all. Chin up ma dear :) x


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I really hope I've lost tomorrow when I WI.
I know I've lost loads of inches but the scales are going soooo slow. :confused:

I may start a diary on here to see if anyone can give me some ideas cos I'm tracking & weighing & cooking from scratch & drinking plenty of water & exercising so doing everything right but not losing the weight so steadily. :cry::confused:

We'll see tomorrow. xx


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Its a real pain ain't it especially when you're being good. :confused: xx
Ok I weighed myself this morning and it looks like its actually a STS this week. I'm not really surprised considering the extra food and drink I had but still disappointed with myself. Going to try a bit harder next week. Which will be hard cuz I'm going away for 2 nights next weekend and its my dads birthday dinner this sunday... So I bet it'll be another STS next week too *sigh*
Any tips girls? X

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Well done Sparkles thats another 2lbs off! :D

A STS is good aswethinkweiz but i know the disapointing feeling that does come with it as I have have had a few of them too. Today/tomorrow is another day & is there for getting back on track. :)

Had my WI at 10am & stayed for meeting & then took the dog for a walk before it got too hot so only just got around to posting my loss.
Despite my doubts that i'd lost anything I was well surprised & chuffed with a 4lb loss this week. :eek: xxx

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