Green Days Sauce for Pasta


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green pesto sauce stirred into low fat fomage frais is my favourite.
3syns per TBS for the pesto free for the low fat fomage frais


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Mushrooms garlic + onion fried until softened, then add about 200ml chicken stock and simmer down for 15mins, take off the heat and stir through fromage frais until creamy :) it's yummy

If you want the full step by step recipe let me know n I'll type it up!


Mmmmm I never thought of fromage frais! I always think of tomato based things, brilliant, thats going on the top of my shopping list. Thanks


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My favourite pasta sauce pre SW was a tomato based sauce with cheese melted in and then blended. However, this was made with lots of cheese and is now officially off the menu.

Initially I have to replicate with cottage cheese and natural yoghurt - but neither really had the thickness to hold it together (and cottage cheese was very watery).

Now I add yoghurt to get the more creamy/tomato base to the sauce - but also add some frozen veg to thicken the sauce up pre-blending.

Obviously add loads of spices/herbs to taste. I always like chilli, oregano, basil, garlic and paprika.


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My fave pasta sauce is a roasted tomato sauce I make; take 1 punnet of cherry tomatoes, throw in some whole cloves of garlic in their skin, season with salt, pepper, dried chilli flakes and a pinch of sugar. Drizzle with a touch of good aged balsamic vinegar and spray with spray oil. Roast for 30 minutes, take out and mash with a fork. Add some fresh chopped parsley and basil and stir through pasta. Delicious!


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I use a french style syn free viangrette with toms cumber onion pepper, all raw and yummy to take to work. I didnt like the idea to start with and then i made it and it was lush! or cook and cool pasta add chicken and Sainsbury's Be Good to Yourself, Caesar Dressing 1 level tbsp

½ Syn on Extra Easy
Original ½ Syn
Green ½ Syn



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My favourite is similar to another one here but thought i'd share anyway! Fry onions, mushrooms, garlic in fry light, then add veg stock and simmer down. Add tbsp of philadelphia extra light and keep simmering - it turns into a lovely creamy mushroom sauce. Add ham or bacon and you've got a lovely carbonara.


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I often use passata as a base for pasta sauces. Also quark with a little onion, garlic and bit of water is nice too - if you have a HE free stir some cheese in as well for ultra cheesiness!


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i do a version of Anthony Worral Thomsons courgette, lemon and parmesan pasta which is a hit with everyone!

Grated courgettes (then squeeze out water), stir fried (frylight) with the grated rind of a lemon and juice of half a lemon then with a tablespoon of grated parmesan (hexa), if I have syns to spare a tablespoon of toasted pine nuts too. Mix the pasta in, season and voila - super quick!


Excellent!! There are some really good ideas there, thanks everyone, I will definately be trying most of them!