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couldnt see any reason not other than possible dehydration, but that is just my uneducated and "off-the-top-of-my-head-possibly-out-of-my-behind" answer.
hmm i agree with the above post, the only other thing i might add that might be against it, is losing body salts ( i think you do when you sweat) than might not be replaced.

i would imagine dehydration been the biggest reason but if you drink enough water?

again though this is off the top of my head and only my opinion

good luck :)


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I've decided I'm going to give it a go for just a few minutes.

I do drink a lot of water 4-5ltrs a day so hopefully it will be you.

I'll let you know tomorrow!
makes me glow for the rest of the day too, and my skin feels lovely, not had one for yonks, saying that though, not been in a cossie for i dont know how long!

have fun
So long as you are properly hydrated then you should be fine, but as always listen to your body and if you feel uncomfortable then play it safe and leave :)


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Really looking forward to it, used to be my Friday afternoon treat for months. (because the pool at the gym is dead on a Friday and not too many people to see me in a cossie!! lol)

I am planning to drink an extra litre before I go swimming and take a bottle of water with me.


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Just drink lots of water and you should be fine.
Let us know how it goes as I really fancy a sauna session now! Hahah :)


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I think u should add extra salt to your pack before u go in. If u r already drinking loads of water and then u drink more, AND lose salt through sweat, I think u should have some more to be safe


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Had my swim and sauna and had a spa bath too!!

Was fab. I didn't feel dizzy and had a litre of water before I went a a litre and a pack when I got back and feel great.

Skin look good too!!!
all good, might give it a whirl too i love how light i feel in the water and how i feel like iv lost 2 stone when i step out of the sauna... haha i wish!


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ooooh lovely - something for me to look forward to at the spa visit for my friend's hen do at the end of the month :)


Is feeling the love!
It really was lovely. I am going to go again on Friday. Just a nice slow swim and then a spa bath and sauna.

Relaxed just thinking about it! lol

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