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saving points for the weekend!

hi, i was wondering do you think if you save too many points for a certain day in the week (like weekends) it affects your weight loss/weigh in?
i usually try to save as many points as i can for the weekend some days it maybe 2 or 3 other days it could be 5 or 6 depending on what ive eaten that day.
i am currently on 19 points a day and do find some days especially when im working and take lunch into work that i have quite a few points left over without trying to. my weigh day is a monday morning and last week i had quite alot saved for the weekend not sure i even uswed them all and the scales said id put on 0.8 but i did have my tea late on the sunday. i also go to the gym when i can sometimes 3-4 times a week sometimes 1-2.

so do you think saving lots of points and having them all in 1-2 days or close to weigh day may affect the weigh in? ive done the same this week and am going to see what happens on the scales tomorrow if theres no change or a put on then think ill alter how i do it slightly maybe try to use more points in the week-not save as many for the weekend, or maybe i could change my weigh day to tue or wens insted.

any ideas?
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Saving points and using them for a couple of weekend days is fine but you should remember you should never save more than 4 a day and all points have to be used up before your WI.
If you save more than 4 you will find it has a negative effect and you will slow down or stop losing weight, even sometimes see a gain so its always worth making sure your eating enough. Have a few small choccie bars in the fridge for times when you need to use points faster, them mini snack ones are great.
hi thanks, i was also wondering do you think certain types of food may slow weight loss like chocolate fatty things or carbs even though we can eat anything as long as it in our points? do you think eating healthier options and cutting out the more fatty things may help to lose quicker?
i normally eat most things now and then pizza, burgers, crisps, chocolate, occasonal take-aways etc aswell as healthier things!, but i go on holiday at the end of August and am trying to cut these things out hoping it will help me. i did it last year for 2-3 months and was goin the gym and i did lose a reasonable amount of weight but i dont know if it was the gym or me cutting back on the not so healthy things. also when i went on my holiday last year as i dont count points on hol i had a burger and i really didnt enjoy it prob because my body had gotten used to eatting all healthy things, dosnt take long to get back to eating the usual not so healthy things though!

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