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Saving Syns up or using them daily?

Hi All, I hope you are all well and your weight loss is flying! I joined slimming world on the 1st of September and got my 2 stone award last night! yay! Anyway,,, I recently reduced my syns from 15 to 10 per day.... now I normally use my syns on a daily basis. But a couple of people have told me that the diet will work just as well if I just have 70 syns a week still but not necessarily every day... for example I could save them up for the weekend. I got very excited by this and ran it past my consultant - she said that it was fine "if it works for me". I'm going to start doing this as I rarely need to 'syn' in the week (although I do tend to have 10 everyday) and would be so much happier if I could just have a couple more drinks on the weekend than I'm currenlty having. Now do any of you do this? does it work? I'd be really grateful for anyone's advice as I'm a little nervous about changing what I'm doing!!! Although I need to do this for life and if saving the syns up works then I know I'll have cracked it!!!!!!! thanks guys xx
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First of all WELL DONE on your fantastic weightloss! :D

I save my syns sometimes for the weekend and it's never affected me. However it's not always the case with everyone.

All i can say is try it!

I'm not a syner during the week either, i tend to have syn free meals and if i do fancy anything i'll have a pack of skips which is only 4.5 , so that gives me a few extra for the weekend!

Good luck with the rest of your Journey! :D

Mrs V

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I agree, you wont know until you try Hun, so give it a go.
Im one of the people that it doesnt work for, so have my syns daily. I dont feel that Im missiing out on anything though as I still have a curry on an EE day!!
thanks Mrs V - and well done on you're amazing weight loss!!! Just out of interest, on the occasions you did try saving your syns up was the result a gain? or did you stay the same??

C x

Ps - I am now thinking about curry! Yum! :)
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I have saved my syns up every week since I started SW, as I usually go out at the weekends, sometimes one night, sometimes 2.I do EE so its better for eating out, and I always choose the healthy options now. My consultant as advised us not to do this, but its working for me and I have had a loss every week:) but like others have said what works for one may not work for another, so all u can do is try it....good luck!!!
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I usually save about 2 days worth of syns.. sometimes 3 if I am having a night out. (Including the day I'm going out) I can't cope not using any longer than that haha.


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I did half and half last week - had between 5-10 syns per day in the week and then 25-30 each day at the weekend. I'll let you know if it worked as I weigh in on Fridays
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I save up my syns and use them at the weekend and on Wednesday after WI xx
I never save up syns, never have. I use mine each day and although I don't always use them all I never save them up.
It's each to their own and as the others have said, give it a try and see if it works. Depending on how close your weekend is to WI day though it may cause a difference to your result for the first week - just a thought.

Oh, and how come you have reduced your syns down to 10?
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Wow, well done on your amazing weight loss.
I saved my syns last week and only had a weight loss of 1lb. I know it was a loss but I was a bit disappointed. It was only my 2nd weigh in but its 5lb in total.
Personally, I probably wont save my sins again.
Am loving the plan though, I cant believe how much I am eating.
Let us know how you get on with your syns.
hi again! Sorry for the delayed reply! I haven't quite mastered the art of using this site yet!!! Basically I had a gain week and was suprised as I'd been on plan 100% and had been 15 syns each day as per usual. I suspect now that the gain may have been due to T.O.T.M but I was diappointed so showed my consultant my food diary and she said now i'd lost a fair amount of weight I needed to reduce the syns. Just to give you an idea i'm 5ft 9 and was 15 stone one (and a half!) when I started on the first of September... I'm now 12 stone 13 - since I reduced to ten its been coming off at about 3 pound a week! Makes me wondei f I really needed to?! C x
I know the plan says between 5 and 15 a day but my leader said 10 when I started. What were others told and how did you decide when to change to a different number?

I also was told to try it over a weekly figure of 70 and count down so have been doing this but at the meeting last night we were talking about weekly or daily syns and I discovered everyone else is doing daily syns.

Irene xx

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