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Saving Syns?

Hi Girls:wavey:

Does anyone save up their syns for the weekend or a special occasion or even all the time?? do you find it effects your losses much?

tomorrow im flexisynning it up to 39 syns because thats how many i've got 'banked'... is that the right way of doing it??

its not my WI until thursday morning so do you think i might get away with it not showing on the scales if im 100% for the rest of the week?

this is what i've planned, would be greatful for comments

Going for Extra Easy....i think
350ml skimmed milk for tea during day (hexa)
2x Eggy Bread made with 2x Slices of wholemeal toast from 400g loaf (hexb) 2x slices of lean bacon
big lunch of brown pasta mixed with some peas and some ham, salad and any other free stuff i find in the fridge. will fill myself up with this so i dont pig out too much later.
chicken biryani (12.5)
1/2 plain naan(10)
1 onion bhaji(8.5)
birthday cake:drool:(8)
1x hexa
1x hexb
39 syns

what do you think?
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I do the same, don't use any sys in the week in order that i can have a treat at the weekend (usually some wine!). Can't see it will harm as long as you don't go over your normal weekly number of syns?

It was only a one-off and will be back to having my normal tomorrow.

been saving some for today as its my birthday and i wanted to go out for a curry - however as im completely snowed in and cant even get my 4x4 out the drive, it doesnt look like i'll get my yummy dinner after all :cry:
My consultant told me we couldnt carry syns over (like you can with WW points) She just said, if you have a flexi day, get right back on it the following day, with the same syns allowence.


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There does seem to be an inconsistency with the advice given by different consultants. I have always been told, and it's always worked, that you can carry over your Syns within a WI week but you can't carry over the HE's. It's always worked for me so I don't see why other consultants say you can't do it


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Happy Birthday! Hope you can still have a treat of some sort even if you don't get your curry x

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