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Saving up Syns for Booze??

Hello, Newbie here :)

Only just joined SW and am doing well on the food front. I am a veggie so am on permanent Green Days and I have been saving up my syns for a weekend blow-out. I have commited myself to 3 nights out this week. (one was last night and involved lots of white wine :eek:)

I am getting a fair bit of exercise (Thai-boxing, tennis, walking)- do you think the boozing/saving up of Syns will spoil my good work?

First weigh-in is on Tuesday!

Thanks for any advice!
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Hope you have fun on your nights out ;D

Saving syns works really well for some people, and is a disaster for others ... personally I stick to a daily limit rather than a weekly one, and would rather eat totally syn free all day to have my alcohol in the evening.

Just a thought - but are you aware that a spirit (gin / vodka / rum etc) is 2.5 syns per pub measure - if you mix it with a slimline mixer, you could have 6 of these on a night out and not be over your daily syns limit of 15 (although well over the recommended alcohol limit lol!) - conversely 6 pub (250ml) glasses of wine could be 48 syns :eek:

Mrs V

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My weight loss is effected if I bank my syns too...I either stay the same or gain, so I tens to have my syns as a daily amount (even though I dont have more than 6 - just dont want them!)
Some people as Angie says can do this and it doesnt effect them at all. You just have to take the trial and error approach on this one.
Good luck, but dont fret over it, enjoy your time out!
I always make sure I have at at least a few syns each day and have the occasional treat, but I make sure I have about 20 to 30 syns spare for a good drink on a Saturday night. So far this has worked well for me. I'd feel very deprived if I couldn't have my half bottle of wine and a couple of G&Ts (large ones) on a Saturday night.


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I tend to bank syns for the weekend, and as everyone knows I like my wine! I have to be really strict with it tho as too much leads to cheese and crackers, crisps, more cheese and crackers......... You can see the weeks I overindulged in my signature! But you have to enjoy life!


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I tend to use most of my syns for booze.
I do like wine but I find the syn value is so high it's not worth it so I only drink brandy with diet coke. That has always been my main tipple so I don't miss the wine!
I have always, so far, used my syns on a daily basis but last week I cut back through the week and had 30 on Sunday and I lost 1.5 pounds anyway so I may do that each week. If I feel the need I'll bank. It's worth the try. My consultant says some people do fine with banking and others don't so I'll give it a bash again.
Good luck, and see if it works for you.
But, if you want to drink more, try and change to a spirit with a free mix.
Good luck, and have fun!
Thank you so much for your replies. What a friendly forum!

Well, I have had my nights out and unfortunately fell off the wagon :eek:
The booze led to a complete lack of willpower and even though I took food with me to a friend's house, it got left in my bag as I munched on Pizza and chocolate. I'm so annoyed with myself, it's only my first week, how pathetic!

It's my weigh-in on Tuesday, let's see what happens! I'm going to boxing on Monday and it's an hour and half session, hopefully that'll burn some of it off!


Lover of Extra Easy
Please don't knock yourself. These things do happen. Just draw a line, and start afresh.
Don't be disappointed, though if you don't lose as much as you hoped to. You will do great in your week 2!

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