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Savoury Drink


Taking it Day by Day
At my last meeting I bought myself a pack of savoury drink powder, as I am a bit of a savoury person. I was a bit shocked that compared to the water flavourings there was actually rather little powder there, just enough for 14 portions! Now I wonder, after comparing the ingredients with some stock powder (I think it's Mariegold) I had left in my cupboard, whether the savoury drink it's worth its money or whether I could just have a drink or two of my normal stock powder without upsetting my weight loss, as the ingredients seem to be pretty much the same. Has anyone tried this? And also, does anyone know why we are we only allowed 2 savoury drinks per day? Is it because of the salt in it? (MY LLC didn't acutally know :confused:)
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I have been using Marigold instead and it does not seem to have had any negative effect- I think the savoury sachets are a rip off! Just watch your salt intake as Marigold is very salty
I have the Marigold Powder and I don't think it has effected my losses. I only have about 1 a day though. I think they do a low salt version as well, if you are worried about that.


Taking it Day by Day
After I bought it, I too felt that it was a bit of a rip-off. Thanks for reassuring me, I will use the mariegold from now on but probably like you will try not to have more than one a day.


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How much is the savoury drink at LL?
The savoury powder I bought from asda had allready lasted me 3 weeks and and it cost £1.35. I can't justify paying £6 for only 14 drinks when the supermarket powder works just as well and hasn't affected my weight loss at all.


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Hi, I use Marigold too, but only have it occasionally, usually a cup with a poppadom for supper. Not every day though.

I do think the LL stuff is a rip off as its not part of the diet (optional) and is very very expensive. (So is the fruit flavour too, but I do buy those as I need the fibre, so have no choice!)


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Hi i'm on Exante and the forums there and the sticky on drinks has a list of all drinks allowed - those with malic acid. quite a long list so take a look.

Also the marigold bouillon is very popular they now do a low salt version too.

Hope that helps.:)


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If you buy the vegan Marigold at Holland and Barrett it has a lower carb content and a lower salt content. I also refuse to spend £6 on a weeks worth of this stuff. Having said that I restrict myself to one of these drinks about every two or three day as i worry about fluid retention due to extra salt.


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I use the vagan one too. I actually prefer e taste of e LL one - probably because I love savoury stuff and I like e salt! However, £6 is very expensive and I like the marigold enough and it lasts forever for only about £2. I also add it to some of the foodpacks. Only a max of 2 teaspoons a day though.

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