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say aaaaaaaaaaagh!

I know having a disgusting tongue is one of the symptoms when following any VLCD but why exactly? What makes it like that and does it last as long as you follow the diet or does it get better. Mine is absolutely horrible (sorry if anyone is eating whilst reading this) and, as fast as I clean it, it gets gunged up again. Despite that I haven't had a bad taste in my mouth ?!? Perhaps I really stink and my friends are just to polite to point it out. lol :confused:
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Mine seems to be getting better. The first week it was like a shagpile on my tongue. 2nd Week, it was green:eek:. Now its not too bad, sometimes get a bad taste in my mouth but just keep brushing my teeth, tongue and roof of mouth. Although I have read on here that some experience the green/white tongue for months..perhaps everyone is different.
When you eat food you produce saliva that helps clean you teeth and mouth - when you dont eat - this doesnt happen as much

The best thing to do is to brush your teeth a lot - ive found this helps and if you brush your tongue
Hey oxo..have you your WI Today?? Good Luckk hun xxxx
Thanks Hun - im not as excited as last week - but looking forward to it - the way im feeling if I lose 3lb ill be delighted!
That would be great!! Best of luck, lets know how you get on xx


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had it all the way through but it seems to be gone now (in maintenance) still use the mouthwash though and listerine strips :) (just incase)!

h x


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Ally is right about the saliva production, we prob have more plaque around our mouths as its not being washed away..def brusing your tongue helps or a tongue scraper! Funnily enough i didnt have this problem but i brush my tongue every time i brush my teeth maybe thats why xx


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My tongue looks and feels like what your foot looks like when you go paddling in the sea and then walk up the sand!
Lol shamrock, excellent simile!!!!!!!!!


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LOL @ shamrock, that's a great description!

My tongue is the same, but, how do I put it? I don't care! People don't really look at each other's tongues much do they?

They'll all be admiring your wonderful figure instead!


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The old breath's a bit wiffy too,unfortunately they can smell that,Ive never had a problem with halitosis that Im aware of before so having minging breath is embarassing,thank God for listerine strips!