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say YES to a better me!

Started Weightwatchers a couple of weeks ago and, although it's working, I don't like the points system too much. So I'm going to keep weighing in as usual but give the dukan a go!

I bought the book yesterday and I like it a lot. No tracking cals or points is a big plus for me!

So, today is day 1!. I'll check back in soon with my full days food diary. So far it's been a lot of chicken :eat:
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** Chief WITCH **
Welcome! Check out our FAQ section! Hope you've done your Dukan shopping if it was spur of the moment decision!


last diet.......EVER!!
welcome sayyes. I've only been doing the diet a little over a month, & found the site 3 weeks ago, it's a great place to find very helpful, totally unbiased advice.
I totally agree with you about weightwatchers & all the other various diets (I actually put weight ON when I tried WW!!)
Life is just to short to be weighing, measuring counting etc. I love this as it is so black & white, no' ifs but's or maybe's.
Hi Maintainer and missfitness25
Thanks for your responses! I did a bt of a Dukan shop alright. A bagload of roast chicken portions from M&S, 0% Fromage frais, Splenda, Oatbran and Sugarfree squash. I actually can't believe how full I am. Usually I'd be picking at my desk all day!

I paid for 6 weeks in WW so I'm going to keep goin once a week to get weighted. I need to be held accountable so I don't think its money wasted. Hopefully I'll be in a good rhythm after that.

Are you guys on cruise?


** Chief WITCH **
I'm Conso/Stabilising at the moment... because of numerous guests etc. Check the label on that M&S chicken that they've not too many nasties (fats, sugars, etc.). Normally it's far better to cook your own, as these delicious M&S ones are probably basted in all sorts!

Picking at your desk? I've been known to eat my arm but never my desk ;)

Good idea to use your WW membership for weigh ins... it's definitely an encouragement to stay on the straight and narrow!

Oh no you're right maintainer! There's sugar in the chicken! I think it's just to brown the skin (which I removed of course) and there's less than a gram of carb according to the nitritional info as well so hopefully they'll be ok.

Ha ha with the desk joke btw. A giggle exploded out of me at work-Oops! :0

So my food diary for today

B-Coffee + Sweetener

L-2 chicken leg portions

S-Fromage Frais

D-2 eggs, chicken breast and cottage cheese

S-Oatmeal Porridge + Tea


I can if I think I can.
Welcome sayyes, yay to starting Dukan - I love it and hope you will too! :D

I'm going to pip Joanne/Maintainer (sorry, Jo ;)) to the post and strongly recommend that you eat breakfast. Scrambled/boiled eggs with smoked salmon/prawns/ham etc are quick and easy. Eat only the whites if cholesterol is a problem.

If you post your menu in the menu thread you'll get great advice from the Dukan experts. Good luck! :) Xx
Thanks for the advice-I took it and had breakfast today and yup, I believe it was a very good idea! BTW Lausanne-I read your motivational letter. It's amazing and I'm going to refer to it again and again. Hope you're doing well today!

I'm going to weigh in on Friday for the first time so won't be sure how I'm getting on til then! Fingers crossed.


I can if I think I can.
Thanks for the advice-I took it and had breakfast today and yup, I believe it was a very good idea! BTW Lausanne-I read your motivational letter. It's amazing and I'm going to refer to it again and again. Hope you're doing well today!

I'm going to weigh in on Friday for the first time so won't be sure how I'm getting on til then! Fingers crossed.
Yay to brekkie! :D thanks for your kind words. I haven't had to re-read the letter yet - me is in the zone!,:D plus I'm on hols at the mo so feel very relaxed! With Dukan, starting is the most difficult part, once you're following the rules it's a doddle. The days I eat quality protein that I cook from scratch (which allows me to control the salt) I feel very calm and in control of my food and don't have the feeling of the bottomless pit that I used to.

Good luck with your weigh in and you can uncrossed the fingers - your dedication will pay off! :)Xx


** Chief WITCH **
What a lovely happy thread :D
Hi all-thanks for your responses it really helps! Good advice too. I've been cooking from scratch more :)

Today's diary

B-Chicken slices and cottage cheese

L-Chicken breast portions

S-Fromage Frais

D-2 salmon fillets, soy sauce, 1 egg, cottage cheese

S-Oatbran Porridge

First and foremost; diary of foods.

B- egg white omelette + cottage cheese

L- Chicken Breast portions

S- Fromage Frais

D- Fillet steak + egg

S-Oatbran porridge

I've posted a question about transit issues in a new thread to try gather some info... I have been experiencing problems in this regard :sigh:... or not experiencing anything really if you catch my drift.

I haven't weighed and would like to tomorrow but I'm feeling like it might be better to wait til this has passed and I'm on cruise...

I'll get some rhubarb tomorrow for sure!

Sorry to be gross but this is kind of getting to me at this stage...
Diary friday 26th

B-Fromage Frais

L-Chicken breast portions

S- Fromage Frais

D(OUT!)- Chicken kebabs, Prawn salad, cappuccino

So proud for not falling off the wagon in the restaurant! The others ate gorgeous desserts for goodness sakes!

I'm still concealing the fact that I'm on Dukan to my friends... It's not hard as I only usually cook for myself. I don't know why I'm afraid to say it... or embarrassed... but I really am.

Decided to leave weigh in til Tuesday, which will be exactly one week from start.

Hope everyone will have a great Dukan weekend! Any YAY for cruise!


Just keep swimming...
Hello! Am enjoying reading your diary - it's lovely and upbeat! Just what is needed on a grey, rainy Saturday.

Well done for resisting the temptations of the restaurant. I've found it is so much easier to resist because this diet is restrictive and very black and white. On other diets (I was on ww for a while) I was allowed to make choices from a huge variety of foods so would invariably over eat.

On Dukan, I know what I am allowed, only choose those foods and can eat as much as I like. Takes so much of the decision making out. Brilliant!

You are doing great. Won't be long before everyone starts noticing the changes in you and you will have to open up about Dukan! Or, you will be so amazed at the results you won't be able to stop talking about it! :D
Hi all!

@ Wheesht: Yup-same here with regards to WW. I think I was eating more than ever...and I'd track 1 day out of 7..oh it just wasn't working out. You're doing FAB!

I do know someone (vaguely) who has been getting great results on Dukan. She was kind of my inspiration to begin. She's doing it with her OH though and I think having a partner in crime is always good.

Yesterday was a mild mess... It was PV and I was doing great all day:

B-OB porridge, boiled eggs
L-Broccoli, stock, quorn pieces

Then I went out, came back famished and ended up eating non-dukan chicken curry! No starches but definitely cream. Oops.

Putting it behind me and moving on. Just had eggs, coffee and braesola for breakfast. Goooood.

Have a great day everyone!

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