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Saying Hello


I've been hanging around for a while and have finally decided i should register and post. I am using calorie counting, aiming at a loss of one to two pounds a week. I am sticking to less than 2000 calories a day and increasing my exercise. I was very unfit and am taking it steadily. I want to permenantly change my bad habits.

I started my diet on the 12th of January at 14St 6lbs. I am currently 13St 7lbs, needing just that extra pound to reach my first stone off. I am aiming to get down to 11St 6lbs, which means i need to loose three stone in total.

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you have done really well .............. welcome and keep posting !! xx
Hi Rachel and welcome to Minimins, everyone is friendly and supportive here. Well done on your weight loss so far - i'm sure you'll lose that pound this week and make it to your first stone off. Look forward to reading about your progress.
I've done it and have lost three pounds this week, meaning i have now lost over a stone :).
The easter of challenge is keeping me on track at the moment. I only have four pounds left to loose in three weeks which i should be easily be able to do if i stick to my diet and do a bit of exercise. I'm aiming for 1500 calories a day or under, except for fridays which are my treat night ;) where i can go slightly higher but still under 2000 calories.
Wow Rachael well done! 3lbs is a great loss in a week, and you've got a good sensible loss overall. I wish I could be like you!
Feeling very pleased with myself as i have lost another 3lbs this week, bringing me down to 13 stone exactly. It also means i have reached my easter target one week early :).
I still can't believe i am actually doing it and finally shifting the weight. I am just beginning to feel thinner. I can run up and down the stairs which i haven't done for several years. I'm also excited because another pound off and i will be back in the twelve stone something range.
Rachael you have done so well! You'll deffo be in the 12s next week, I wish I had your willpower.
I am around 1500 to 1800 for an average day but i do try to overestimate the calories i'm having so if i've had just over 250 then i will count it as 300. I don't weigh stuff and just guess the calories for most things unless it is stated on the packet.
This breaks down to breakfast being about 300 calories. Normally it will be a couple of slices of toasted rice bread with either pate or reduced fat hummus. Lunch is around 500 calories, often leftovers or rice and fish. I have an apple to eat during the day and then a snack of around 150 calories when i get in from work. The snack is often crackers and pate, etc, giving another 200 or so calories. This takes me to 1000 so dinner is just normal eating but with a smaller portion size, being 500 to 800 calories.
My diet probably seems a little odd as i have gluten, dairy, soya and egg intolerances. I do play about with my calorie intake so i may have a drink in the evening if i have been lower on the calories over the rest of the day.
I'm also trying to up my exercise so i am doing more walking, combined with me being on my feet quite a bit at work. I also do some exercises in front of the telly a couple of times a week, not for long as i am still fairly unfit.
Easter is going to be interesting as i am going to try and calorie count an easter egg into the daily calories. I wasn't going to have one this year but i want to try and tackle my eating problems head on. I need to get into good habits and be able to have things like chocolate and make them last. It will be my first chocolate since i started this diet :D.
Rice bread is in the free from sections in supermarkets. It makes alright toast. Unfortunately it is fairly high in calories, as is most gluten free bread. I would avoid it if you don't have to eat it.

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