Saying Hello.


yo-yo dieter no more!
Hi, I am new to the site and thought I would introduce myself. I'm Nikki 31 and I trying my hardest to lose weight on the CD.
I first started back in may and di quite well, I was pleased that the weight was finally coming off! I came off it in july for my 2 week holiday and have only just been able to get back in the swing of it. I was quite relieved as I only put on about half a stone in the 4 months I was off it and I lost that the first week, I had my second weigh in on friday and have lost another 5 LB's bringing my total from may to 25 LBS and the lightest I have been in years. I still have about another 3 stone to lose but at last I can see light at the end of the tunnell.
I have had a blip today and ate some of the roast chicken I cooked for lunch for my 2 kids and my inlaws nut I am determined not to do it again. My Hubbie also started the CD this time with me infact a week before me as he was using the rest of my stuff from last time and he has lost 16 LBS in 3 weeks.
My aim is to be comfortable with my size by the 9th of december so that I can attend my husbands chritmas ball feeling confident and happy instead of sending him out on his own like I did for the summer one!!
Anyway that's my story I look forward to getting to know you all and picking up tips and ideas.
Hi Nikki, sounds like you are back on track and it must be great having hubbie doing it too so you don't feel alone. You are both doing well. Put your nibble of chicken behind you and keep that Xmas ball in sight. Good Luck !
Nice to meet you Nikki, sounds like you're on track to finish the job this time.

My DH is SSing with me too. We've both done pretty well, sometimes I find it's a great help to have him on the wagon alongside me. Just beware the day when you both feel rebellious......we have pulled each other off a couple of times!

Good luck and keep us posted.