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Sazabaza's SW Journey....

Hello all,

I am newbie to SW, I started on Tuesday and I am still trying to get the hang of eating without weighing or pointing!!

I was a veteran at Weight Watchers, I have also done the Cambridge diet.... trying to lose weight using normal food rather than food sachets.

I have had the following today:

B/fast- Weetabix & milk (H ex A & B)
Lunch - Pasta with tomato, onions, peppers, mushrooms & lean bacon
Dinner - Chicken & veg Stir fry with peanut satay sauce (10.5 syns)
Snacks - Grapes & Refresher bar (4 syns)

I am a little hungry between b/fast & lunch but I need to buy some fruit and yoghurt's to have as snacks, hopefully then I will be ok :)
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Hi and welcome to the forum. You'll get loads of help on here. Probably best not to take my advice at the moment cos I've just had 2 bad days :8855:
I am sure you can get back on track :)
Morning all,

I am feeling very good this morning, although had a little blip yesterday.....

We went out for the day and I had a small portion of fried chips & a sausage roll as there was nothing healthy, not even a jacket spud!!, counted them as syns though but still feel guilty!!

I am having the following today:

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix & ss milk (HE A&B)
Snack - Beef slices
Lunch - Batchelors Savoury Beef rice and veg
Snack - Yoghurt & mini merigue crushed in it
Dinner - Not sure yet maybe, roast chicken dinner?
Drinks: Tea no milk & suger free squash

I have my 1st WI tomorrow so fingers crossed I have lost in my first week, my clothes feel better on me already, silly as it sounds.....

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Will be thinking of you tomorrow then. ;)
I might try and use meringue more. Love it and never think to buy it.
Thanks hun, meringue & yoghurt is delightful so glad I found it as it stops me craving chocolate!! I buy the little meringue blobs that the in store bakery make from Sainsburys....
Morning All,

It is WI day today, looking forward to see if I have lost anything....

My food plan today is:

Breakfast- 2 x weetabix & SS milk & cup of tea
Snack - Mug shot or Pineapple?
Lunch - Pasta & passata with peppers & sweetcorn
Snack - LF yoghurt & meringue (1 syn)
Dinner - Not sure yet, maybe homemade chicken curry?

Also might treat myself tonight if I lose weight, as I have 14 syns to make use of....

Hope everyone is doing ok x x
Hi All,

I lost 2.5lbs at WI tonight, a little disappointed as I was hoping for a bigger loss. I think I need to eat more in the mornings as I am getting hungry between breakfast & lunch....

Really hungry now, on bus home after SW can't wait to eat dinner x x
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Feeling really good today, my clothes feel better already....

Today I am having:

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix & SS milk & a cup of tea
Snack - Slices of ham
Lunch - Pasta with passata, peppers & sweetcorn
Snack - Pineapple, LF yoghurt & mini crushed meringue
Dinner - Spaghetti Bolognese (from SW recipe)

Trying to eat more as I am getting hungry inbetween b/fast & lunch.
Feeling good again today, although a little tired.... why is it when your alarm goes off you could just sleep for a few more hours??

I dont think I have had a proper chance to relax since relocating from Birmingham to North Devon, I moved on the 2nd June then I started my new job on the 6th June!!

Thankfully I have not alot planned at the weekend, so I plan to chill out & relax and maybe have a few cat naps in the day :)

My food for today is:

Breakfast - 2 x weetabix, SS milk & cup of tea
Snack - Banana and slices of ham, not together!!
Lunch - Pasta with passata, peppers & sweetcorn
Snack - Pineapple, a mini meringue nest - 1 syn
Dinner - Chicken Tikka Masala & rice (made from a Schwartz Flavourful pack) 3 syns
Snack - 2 x mini veg samosas & 2 x mini onion bhajis - 11 syns

Really looking forward to my dinner, I love the way I can make proper meals for me & my OH with minimal effort and they fit into the SW way of eating :)

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