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Scales and Inches

Lil Miss Sunshine

WE can do this :)
Hi all

Just for all you people who don't show up weight lose on the scales

I have done everything, ww, motivation clinic, gyms, curves the list goes on.

I found the last 2 times I joined Weight Watchers I wasn't losing pounds. Very disheartened as you can imagine, couldn't understand what was up. Then I joined this clinic in Ireland called Motivation Clinic which was hard work but same thing i was losing the pounds VERY slow when everyone else was losing way more than me. EG on the 5th week i had lost 5 pound and everyone else had lost double this and more on that diet. I just couldn't understand as i was working so hard at it. But then on the 6th week I was measured and I had lost 14 inches all together ? 9 off my waist ?:eek::eek::eek::eek: even tho it wasn't showing on the scales it was showing in inches? I still dont know why lol but explains why it wasn't showing on scales don't understand why, so anyone not having a good weeks maybe start measuring yourself so you don't get disheartened
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Mumma K

Gold Member
very good idea Miss S I think also if you are working out quite a lot you are then building up muscle, muscle weighs much heavier than fat so that could make it look like your not actually losing hardly anything its always good to take measurements as well


I measure myself every month and it is amazing when you add the lost inches up how good it feels. I also use the "clothes fit a bit better" benchmark too. Since starting I have lost 4 inches of my waist and at least 1½ inches of my neck together with losses on my hips and thighs.

Funny though, my face and throat area seem to be the most noticeable places for my losses but I never thought to take a face or throat measurement at the start! :D