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Scales broke :(

Im not a happy bunny, my scales have been thrown off balance and now weighing wrong.....and its the day before weigh in and i was really excited about it because ive been good all week, what a pain! Im still gonna try and work out what i weigh by weighing something 1kg and seeing just how far the scales are out and do some maths but its just a BIG pain in the bum :(

Sorry - just had to rant
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Fancy electronic ones - ive been looking at the manual and done all the things to re intiate them but still about 6lbs over, I panicked coz I thought I gained it all over night hahahaha!
Luckily my boyfriend knows exactly how much he weighs - lucky man hasnt lost or gained a pound in years! So gonna weigh him to work out the difference in the scales :)
I just hope my dont break then! Ive got elecrtonic ones as well...paid a little extra for them, so then they give you an accurate reading...unlike mechanical ones!

Adams mum has a set of mechanical ones at home...and everytime I go on her scales it always tells me I'm 4lbs lighter! Which unfortunately is never the case! :( :(

Adam is also the same...hes been the same weight for years! He's only just starting to put a little weight on, but thats cos hes building muscle! tsk!

I think my sacles died when i moved them cleaning the floor :( I THINK ive managed to crack it - they weigh in Kilos and Tom is exactly 3.06kg heavier on these sacles so by my calculations, if im weighing 102.6 - im actually 99kg! :) I think but im happy thinking that :)

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