Scales?? I could cry!!!!! Can anyone help please?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by IrishSam, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. IrishSam

    IrishSam Member

    So today is the end of my first week on LT. I haven't waivered and was really looking forward to seeing the numbers go down on the scales, to give me a little boost. So I step on my scales and I'm a pound heavier than when I started. I literally had to sit down I was so shocked. Three mins later, step on again and it reads 5lbs less. Another 2 mins, another reading. I know I shouldnt get so stuck on scale numbers but for now its the only encouragement I have and now this. If these scales are messed up I don't know where I actually started. I know that initial weeks loss is usually bigger and then slows but I was so looking forward to it. Now I don't get that at all. I'm definitely in ketosis too. Oh, I could SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone recommend good, reliable home scales that don't cost hundreds? My evil ones are Weight Watchers Slim Glass Analysis Scale.

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  3. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    Don't worry about this at all! The big difference between the two readings shows that it's almost certainly the scales' fault. Do you *feel* different?
    I have a ww scales too and it's been reliable recently, but it goes nuts sometimes!

    Wait til you're weighed on your pharmacist's scales, that'll be accurate :)
    and well done for surviving week one!
  4. IrishSam

    IrishSam Member

    Thanks Kirbygirl :) Official weigh in had me down 9lbs in the first week so I'm well chuffed!! Seriously thinking about chucking my scales and not replacing them, just relying on my weekly weigh in. I think the varying numbers and the temptation to weigh myself all the time just makes me paranoid.:sigh:
  5. Kirbygirl

    Kirbygirl Full Member

    WELL DONE! Good Lord that's over half a stone. Another week or two and you'll be down the stone.

    Yeh my scales seems to have copped on a bit-maybe because I weigh at the same time, and put scales in the same spot every time, but... if it gives me a dodgy number I know better than to trust the fecker!
  6. Ash123

    Ash123 New Member

    I weighed myself on the first week i gained a pound and on the second week i gained another pound. Does anyone think i should give up

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