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Scales - The Addiction


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I don't know about anyone else but I've had an addiction to the scales since buying them almost a year ago. Sometimes I would get weighed 7/8 times a day.
In an attempt at 'cold turkey' I have removed the battery and left it in my drawer at work since yesterday morning. I will allow myself to bring it home for the night on Tuesday as my official weigh in is Wednesday night straight after work.
I don't know if it will make any difference but who knows?;)
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good luck! i have the same addiction!

tried the hole hide the scales thing. my oh even hid them.

I managed to sniff them out though... am truly addicted...


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I must admit (hangs head in shame!) I have 2 sets of scales and weigh myself religiously on them both every morning!


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I was additcted but I've gone cold turkey now (without having to hide them!) because it was SERIOUSLY effecting my moods and I would get very down from not seeing what I wanted on the scales and I don't enjoy being down so I stopped. Now I feel I worry less about it and only get on edge the night before WI at group... my addiction was baaad and I was taking things out on my OH so going cold turkey has been for the best.


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I'm the same as you Rachella, tried not to let it affect me but if I'd been good and the scales went up I would be in a bad mood, I must admit that I do feel better already. Have you noticed any affects on your losses?
I have the same addiction and weigh myself several times a day. Its hard to break the habit and it rules my moods. Must try removing the battery or getting the kids to hide the scales!!!
I used to weigh myself religiously but have stopped now, I get in horrendous bad moods otherwise and I find it affects what I eat (as in I stop having green days, and I love green days!), I end up starting to restrict my food and feeling hungry and then more likely to go off track.

So now I just relax about the scales, knowing that if I follow the plan, the weight will come off, I weigh myself mid week once only
It's so good to read these posts and know I'm not the only one who does this, and like everyone else said it does affect my mood and it gets taken out on hubby and kids and it's just not fair. It's a hard habit to break and does affect what else I eat that day. I think when it gets to that point you're bordering on eating disorder, it's certainly not healthy. I don't know if I'll stop before target but knowing I'm not alone helps x
My scales have broken!! But I'm weighing myself in Boots every Saturday as I'm missing it too much!! lol. Disappointed myself with my weight today though...was hoping for more. Never mind there's always next week.
Well, sadly I couldn't do a whole week without my scales and brought the battery home from work yesterday.

I wish I hadn't! I know hand-on-heart that I've stuck to the plan 100% this week, jumped on the scales in anticipation, only to find a 2.5lb gain. The scales haven't been wrong...ever. I'll have to wait for official WI tomorrow to find out if taking the battery out of them has screwed them up!
I was a scales-a-holic for the first few weeks, but now I just weigh in once a week. It was dictating my mood for the day if I didn't see something I liked on the scales! xx
mine too - i've decided that if the scales are wrong tomorrow (and they seriously have to be) then I will get rid of them altogether.
I do this toooo! Just weighed myself, feeling ever so positive and it is showing I've STS. :( I have my official WI tomorrow so will try not to weigh again as like others have said, it really does affect my mood!

I'm on a green day and am already considering other things to eat to get a loss for tomorrow. SO silly :(


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I know hand-on-heart that I've stuck to the plan 100% this week, jumped on the scales in anticipation, only to find a 2.5lb gain. quote]

If you have stuck to plan 100% then you can not have gained 2.5 lbs!! Unless it is TOTM!! I hope you got the "right" result at your WI. :) xx
I am so glad to hear that I am not alone in my addiction! I don't own a set of scales to try and limit myself so I use my mums and I have to admit that I find it hard not to pop round just to use her scales (something I would never admit to her). I'm not attending a SW class this time as have all the info but I miss the "proper" weight ins as I keep hoping that my mums scales are wrong!!


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Well I am very sad to report that I have had a gain, 1.5lbs. I've gone through what I've had to eat over the last week, the syns etc and can come to nothing. The most I've had is 12 syns. GUTTED! Not TOTM or any other explanation. Cannot waver - I should get the loss I deserve next week, if not there must be a serious problem somewhere. Back to the food diaries to see if there's any 'hidden' syns.

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