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I use my wii fit board for weighing. They're great. I think there accurate (fingers crossed!) hehe x


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I think they're pretty accurate. What's more important is that you weigh on the same scales / wii fit each time, as what you're really measuring is the difference each week / month whatever. If you switch between scales, they often weigh 1-2lbs different, and that can be really demoralising if it's in the wrong direction!
Ummm Wii fit all depends on your floor:

carpet - not great - inaccurate weight
wood floor/laminate - depends how flat it is

I have moved a few times so this is my experience,
wii fit on carpet is so inaccurate you can normally move it around a few times to get the loss you wanted.
I then moved and had laminate which seemed fine, my mother has real wood floors and one day put on 8lbs by moving her wii fit board a foot to the right she was not impressed!
If you don't have any you could weigh in at boots their scales are really accurate and give you a print out you could pin up somewhere to keep you motivated :)
I have to agree with carly82 although the same can be said for normal scales!

You need a level solid floor under your scales or wii fit to get an accurate (ish) reading and you need to use the same ones each time you weigh in.


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I use Wii Fit. If its in the same place each time, it might be off a bit but it should show your loss correctly if you know what I mean.

Do all Boots stores have scales?


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ive been using my wii, the weight has been going down so im pleased about that, apart from once but think i deserved that. Think I will start getting weighed at a chemist though as the idea of the print outs will keep me on track I think x

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