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Scammed, and MAD.

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am so mad at myself - I NEVER stop to talk to salespeople or charity people, just because I can't be bothered pretending that I am bothered. The ONE day I stop, I get scammed, £31 for make-up by Victoria Jackson, apparently a HUGE Hollywood make-up artist, yada yada yada. I don't even know why I said yes, I am SO angry with myself. As soon as I bought it, I thought 'I'll just sell it on, I don't really want it'. I shouldn't have bought it, but I did, and then I came home and Googled it, and the moment I typed 'Victoria Jac', 'Victoria Jackson scam' came up. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Why the hell did I fall for it? I have a right mind to go back tomorrow and slap the guy silly. I had a look on their website and it says this:

All sales including Beauty Steals and Deals are considered final sales. No returns, refunds or cancellations are permitted after purchase.

GRRRRRR. Is this **** even legal? Seriously? I have filled out a complaint form with Consumer Direct but apparently they don't deal with cases, they just use the information you give them to make others aware of the scams. I am definitely going to call up their helpline first thing in the morning and see what advice I can get. I'm more angry at the fact that I fell for it rather than the fact that I'm £31 down. I NEVER stop to talk to these people, EVER. I might aswell have 'DON'T TALK TO ME' tattooed on my forehead. But the ONE time I stop, it turns out to be a stupid scam. I even thought about listing them on eBay but no-one's buying them and I don't want to get crappy feedback - ARGHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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Really sorry I understand I dont talk to salesmen in the street they must have caught you in an off moment B......s why can you not walk down a street without being mithered gits.

Hope you are able to calm down take it back and throw it on the floor or something.:mad:
Apparently it is supposed to be good make up tho. They always try and stop me, if they had the colours I used then I might have bought but they didn't, their lipgloss smells delicious tho
The make up is actually really nice. The sales people are a bit forceful but I know the stuff I got was brilliant value for money I got about 4 different sets for £20. I must admit Id actually buy from them again

Their tactics are a bit in your face but youve probably got quite a good bargain to be honest.

I wouldnt really say its a scam though :confused:
Aw so sorry, I hate sales people, and if they dare get my bubble like last week I go mental and tell them to **** off! Sales people make me so mad, especially getting in peoples faces and moving their hands about, how bloody rude!
Sorry to hear you got ripped off 10st10...

Jenny it's a scam because they make various claims which just aren't true (it's all over the net). Like that Victoria Jackson is the makeup artist on Sex and the City/Desperate Housewives/America's Next Top Model - and a check of the credits on these shows reveal that she's never worked on them.

They say that Victoria Jackson makeup is all the rage in the USA (it's not), that they're about to be stocked in House of Fraser and Debenhams (3 years later they're not there), and that the kits usually sell for £300 (they don't).

I've never bought from them as they hand you the goody bags as if they're free and then try to drag you in for the hard sell (eg buy it now, there's only one left - as if!).

10st10 - from looking on the net some people say that the makeup is crap (it's made in china), but some people (ok a minority) say they like it. As you're unlikely to get your money back you may want to try it...Or not.

I'm not surprised your angry tho. Whether the makeup is any good or not, it's definitely being sold under false pretences.
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10st10, should I call you 8st2??? Wow girl - that's way impressive! Well done you!
I have to admit I found it absolutely ok. When I bought it I had NO idea who Victoria Jackson was at all I just felt the amount I got for £20 was excellent value. Id buy it again I think when youre getting so much for the cash you spend well you know its not going to be top of the range. But I definitely would never say its a rip off or a scam. The packaging was really nice and the make up quality was absolutely fine - well the stuff I bought was anyway.

I think if ANYONE believed the kits they have are worth £300 well they clearly have no idea of the cost of make up lol

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My Mum bought me one of these sets! Well, I assume it's the same - it's a eye shadow set/blusher set/lip set, then a little pack with four lip glosses etc and another with a mirror.

The sales people were probably a bit pushy, but to be honest she probably thought she was getting me a great deal, I usually pay £20 for a foundation alone.

Sorry this happened to you Hun x


Trying again in 2012
Sorry this has left you so cross, and thanks for the warning for the rest of us to look out for them and their pushy methods!
As for the no returns bit, is it worth a call to trading standards (or are the rules different as makeup is considered a 'personal' product? But then, if still sealed...?)
If you can't return then I at least hope you can get some use out of it, even if it is just to pass it on as a gift!
I would think it sounds like more of a rip-off than a scam!

Let's face it, if it really is worth so much, then it wouldn't be peddled in such a way. I never buy from people trying to sell to me like that as it's not how make-up (or any credible item) is sold, so it's not going to be great (but then I am a make-up snob!).
Calmed down a bit today! I have been on the phone to Consumer Direct and they advised me to put in a complaint in writing, send it recorded delivery, and pass the details back to CD aswell, but seeing as there is just an email address, there isn't much I can do. I'm allowed to go back and speak to them and request a refund on the grounds that I have been misled. I am about to go and do this now - don't know how it'll go down or even if they'll be there! But it's worth a try and I was heading back into the Trafford Centre to apply for some jobs, so... Can I just say, they are really sneaky pricing it at £30, because if you're pressured into buying something that is £35 or more, they are fully required to give you a refund. Also, a note for those whose mummies are being given the hard sell - if they sell you something on your property, you have different rights than if they sell you the same thing on the street/in a shop. I forgot what it was she said, but I will definitely find out again, as I think I'm going to need to get back in touch with them...

Oh and - :eek: typo in my custom user title... :eek: It has been rectified now!
The make up itself was probably ok and the company pretty much legal but the reason you got ' scam' up in google is because the type of company it is. There are two huge international sister companies called cobra as ds max. Basically the company gets you in under false pretenses for job interview, spout a load of rubbish about how they are a top marketing company and in the job they will train you up on how to become a marketing manager and eventually own your own company. They don't tell you how they're gonna do this but blow you away lots of figures and 'good news stories' of other people in the company. Before you get a chance to ask any questions, they whisk you out the door telling you they'll be in touch later on to tell you if you were successful in getting around the the second stage interview. EVERYBODY gets round to the second stage where you go and watch what they do for a day. You think this would be enough to put people off but they are so clever and have got this down to a fine art - selling the opportunity to be very sucessful and earning lots of money. Once you start you are self employed and work on a commission only basis. Many good people have walked in the doors and have done exactly that - started selling, became team leaders, then managers before finally opening up their own company doing the same. There were so many events held in big fancy hotels where you get to see this for yourself, meet the people and hear their stories. Unfortunately many good people walk in the doors only for the company to take what they want from them and spit them out. They have a way of manipulating you and brainwashing you. I spent two years doing door to door sales trying to be this 'successful' manager', I worked about 12 hours a day 6 days a week, got myself in loads of debt (was v skinny though cos of all the walking :)) only to eventually realise the amount of brainwashing done and no that I wasn't cut out for it. You have to be EXTREMELY driven, goal orientated and willing to sacrifice soooo much (family, friends, personal life, even relationships) to get to the top.

I met so many really good friends there that I still have (all have left either before or after me), it taught me an amazing work ethic which I do thank them for... But I still know some of the people who have succeeded and it looks to be pretty lonely up there as they churn the people through.

Glad to hear you got your money back though!

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