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Slow but sure....
I ordered some Scan Bran online from a place called Vitshop, and they have just arrived.....

Now tell me, what do I do with them? Eat them or put them on the bottom of shoes, they look horrendous - but here goes....good grief they look like plaster board..........mmmmm, well bit dry but I'll perservere, oh my dog likes them, LOL...

So can someone tell me how many for a HEX and also how many syns are there in a Scan Bran too.

Many thanks everyone. X
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i *think* they're 0.5 syns each. i've never tried them but i've heard that a lot of people make chocolate cakes with them for very little syns :D


I will succeed!!!
Scan bran can be used as a Healthy Extra (I think) but also has a syn value - but check it in your book or on the website! I say this because I tried it once and once only. To me it's like some weird punishment eating that stuff - even my pet rats didn't eat it, and they eat their own poo!

Some people love it, so give it a go and try some of the recipes that use it. If you like it, it's a good food option.

All the best!

P.S You can have 5 as a HE but couldn't find the syn value (did a quick online check)


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oh, and it's 5 scan bran for a HEb, which i think is a bit stingy lol :p as most of the other HE's come to about 6 syns, and these come to 2.5 if i'm right with my 0.5 each!


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LOL you're probably right!!! :p
Yeah thats right, but i really wouldnt bother - youre not missing much!! That said, i know others at my group make some fab recipes with it, carrot cake, 'bread' pudding etc.:)


Slow but sure....
If you want to know the web site it's www.vit-shop.co.uk you can order as many as you like, I think they work out at 83p for a pack of 10, .....I ordered 10 packets because the p&p was cheaper that way, so I have to try and get through them somehow, I shall be munching forever, maybe it will be good exercise...LOL.


Slow but sure....
My handbook says 28g Weetabix and 1 Scan Bran - but I am still new to the diet so I may be wrong, but I am sure someone will put you right...


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More like loft insulation! But they do make you GO!:eek:


Slow but sure....
Thank you for hilarious replies....if I find I can't eat these 10 boxes of Scan Bran I can always repair the fence with them, LOL...

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