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Scan day :-)

Oooh sooo excited for you, looking forward to the update later;)
Thanks all, well everything's all okay. Saw a consultant afterwards. BP is fine, weight is fine (well according to them it's gone down but I know that's just fluid/clothing!), and the baby's size is fine. And it's a boy :D

So no need to keep worrying about girls names now!! :)
Awwww huge congrats Sarah, so pleased everything is fine and you were able to find out is a Boy ;) I am always amazed how much they move when at 20 weeks you can't seem to feel it that much, time for some blue shopping now?
Thanks all :) Well we've been lent a lot from my brother and it's all either neutral or boys clothes, so we're lucky in that respect, although yes, feel a bit more relaxed to actually spend money now (besides on a few nappies to get freebies!), and need to get some wintery clothes as my nephew was born in the summer so he didn't have much of those!

big bear

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Hey congrats, bous r lovely. I've real trouble choosing boys names though.

If u really don't mind 2nd hand clothes u can get bundles quit cheap of ebay & they're always in fab condition as they don't wear them long. Also netmums is a great website.

Most of our son's stuff was 2nd hand & we'd no probs with that x
Ebay is brill you will also find lots of new with tags that are much cheaper than the shops, I have picked up a new pink snowsuit its from M+S and is gorgeous :p cost me a fiver inc p+p had 19.99 on the price tag. I also don't know anyone who knits and have bought some lovely hats (not fussy ones just pretty hand knitted ones) and some little cardis all for really low prices, I went to our local indoor market and was horrified at the prices of handknitted items:eek:
Don't forget to ask your MW for your HIP grant form when you are 24/25 weeks, you can't apply until you are 25 weeks but you don't want to have to wait another 4 weeks for it if you are 24 weeks the next time you see her. That will come in very handy;)
Thanks both. I must admit, I fell in love with this snugsuit from NCT the other week - Koo-di Snugsuit-NCT Shop I think it's adorable, but really don't know if I should put a boy in it now! Not really looked at any others yet, spent all my spare time researching pushchairs, carriers etc., but yes we'll be checking on eBay too as this type of thing'll be used for just a few months and then spring should hit!

Jo - I'm due to see my MW on 25 weeks so yes, I'll definitely be getting that form! That's going to pay for the pushchair!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
We got out pushchair travel system of gumtree it was £35 & we used the carry cot part for ages as my son didn't like the moses basket. There is a place near us to check out the car seat & it was fine & we still use the pushchair now & he's 19mths. Our mama's & papa's cotbed was £40 but we bought a new mattress.

Its all personal preference & understand if its ur first u want to splash out a bit.

Also we used pampers nappies but recently discovered tescos own much better..& cheaper.

I bought a double graco buggy with rain covers & everything £25 of ebay..bargain.

I'm not scanky just think why pay so much when u can get much cheaper...money is tighter for us this time too.
Sarah that suit is LUSH and most def unisex ;)
Big Bear,
Glad you said that about Tescos nappies as I have bought a few Pampers newborn packs but I have also bought one pack of the Tescos own, didn't want to buy anymore in case they weren't that good, that said I find tescos own a very good brand. I will def stock up on some more of them then as they are much cheaper;)
We're going for reusable nappies, as it'll save money in the long term and we prefer them (plus the council will give us £50 towards our initial spending which'll help!). I've got some disposables, simply because we got freebies with them or they were free! So that's a bigger expense to start with but I can build up the collection if necessary, and then we won't have much expense besides the liners and obviously just washing them.

It's hard as you don't want to waste money but it's nice to have new things especially when they'll be used for quite a while. We're lucky in that we've borrowed loads off my brother, crib, cradle, 6 months of clothes etc., which has saved us a small fortune! So it's just the bigger long term things to get.

We're stashing away cash each month towards buying baby stuff and in typical fashion, now extremely busy with work.. right when all I want to do is go to sleep for most afternoons! :)
Reusable nappies - have you tried them? I think they're a great idea but we hated them and I seriously suggest don't buy the whole kit first, buy one or two (most of the makers sell trial kits) and see if you like them. We bought the whole kit - nappies, liners, covers and then gave up after a couple of days as every time DS wee'd it soaked through and he had to be changed immediately and his clothes were constantly wet so we gave up, it was just impossible for us as newborns wee so often. So it ended up being quite a lot of money wasted. I have one friend who swears by reusables and used them for 3 kids but a lot of people find it's too messy or that you have to cart too much stuff about or they have problems drying them so it's best to try them out to see if they suit you. I really recommend you don't splash out on the whole kit in one go as a lot of people give up and the initial spend is quite expensive.

I'm not convinced the price difference is as big as they make out as you can usually get the disposables on special offer and washing the reusables can really hike up your electric bill if you need to use the tumble dryer a lot which everyone I know has had to do to get them dry except on the hottest of days. Most people I know found they just weren't workable for them. Best of luck though!

sukie sue

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congratulations sarah xxx
I have to admit that you are very brave for using reusables, I know all the pros for them (though most of them seem to help the environment rather than a busy Mum:() but if thats why you are buying them good on you, but I don't think they do work out that much cheaper when you have to factor in the extra washes, powder and drying they will need. Disposables are fairly cheap these days esp. shops own as IB said perhaps don't commit yourself fully (financially speaking) until you have given it a trial run, newborns need on average about 8 changes a day, they do wee a lot, usually after you have just changed them:rolleyes:

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