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Scared of target?


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I now know i'm in the final final straight of this part of the journey and it is starting to scare me. Still not 100% sure if i'm stopping in 4 or 8 lbs time (probably the 8lb if i'm honest) but at the same time not sure if i can stop if that makes sense - after all loosing weight has been a focus of my life for the last 17 months already - never mind how long it's going to take for the next 8lb to go.

What comes after calling target in (lets say for now) 8lbs time? How am i going to maintain? Will i fall back into the old traps? How will i cope if i go under or over target? These are all questions I'm already asking myself. I can't afford to go back to being what I was - that's for certain. I don't even want to go even a small part of the way back there.

I'm also scared though that the doubts that these questions are raising are going to sabotage me from actually getting there in the first instance.

Did anyone else feel the same as they approached target? and how did you deal with it?
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I felt exactly the same :)

I'm into my second week at target and struggling - I lost another 2lbs last week. I lost every week for the 6 months it took me to reach target, so it's all I know how to do! I am now thinking of resetting my target for half a stone lower.

I am scared to eat more hexs incase I can't find the right balance and I don't like it!!

Sorry I can't help you Ian, but at least you know there's others in the same boat :confused:
when i hit the last stone, i had a sudden panic.. who would i be? what would i do with my time? what happened next?

its funny, because once i actually got there, nothing changed.. lol. Thats all i can say.. i honestly thought getting to target would be this monumental moment where my life would suddenly be different.. and actually i think id already had that mental change, because i was already dedicated and had made the 'change' inside.. nothing changes, you just get to enjoy life, healthier and happier.. and trust me.. your life still revolves around sw.. i thought i'd be lost but im so determined to keep it off, i still go every single week, write my food diary every day, and plan my entire weeks meals around what kind of loss (if i had a gain previous) how im going to maintain or planning around an event! lol

Hi Ian, I relate exactly to what you are saying. My fear is that I will put the weight back on again, as I always have in the past. To avoid this, I plan to keep going to class for life. That way any little gains will be kept under control and lost again, instead of building up and gradually putting it all back on.


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Thanks all...

Fern - no chance of me being lost. I have no intention of ever stopping going on a Monday night. Monday night's are "me" time. It's the one night of the week that work does not expect me to work late, answer my mobile, or anything. It's the one night of the week that I dedicate purely to ME, ME, ME, ME - and i'm not giving it up. I'm just scared of getting there. :)

Kel - let us know how you get on with maintaining.

I've setmyself the target now of getting there by end of June - my current countdown runs out next week, and i'll buy a new 6 week one the week after. when that runs out - unless i'm miles off - that's target.
Thanks all...

Fern - no chance of me being lost. I have no intention of ever stopping going on a Monday night. Monday night's are "me" time. It's the one night of the week that work does not expect me to work late, answer my mobile, or anything. It's the one night of the week that I dedicate purely to ME, ME, ME, ME - and i'm not giving it up. I'm just scared of getting there. :)

Thats fab, wednesdays nights are exactly the same for me. Its a really important night for me. Always will be, keeps me track!

what i meant was, the way i felt was.. id spent so long getting my head round sw, it was who i was, my thoughts were always around food or sw somehow.. and my focus was loosing, it was my aim, once your at target, i was paniced i'd have no aim, thus feel lost!

enjoy every minute of the journey.. and then enjoy target even more.. youl get there cos your working so hard, you deserve it. x


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I can see what you mean about feeling lost Fern... Guess I'll have to find something to aim for then when i get there...


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Hi Ian

I am approaching target and it terrifies me- I wonder if I can cope without the constant reassurance of seeing a result and whether I will learn to accept that staying the same IS a result. Will I keep changing my target, will I relax too much or not enough?
I have been doing SW for over 2 years now and it has become my way of life and I am comfortable with that- target, although a massive achievement will be stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Sorry I can't be of any practical help, but you are not alone and there are LOADS of people on here who can help us both out



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I have found being on target really difficult.
It was so much easier trying to lose the weight. Once I reached target the weight still came off, and I have done everything recommended like adding extra HEXs and syns and the weight still came off.
Now, I stick to the plan but have a few treats without worrying about it too much.
I go to class every week, and am currently 3 pounds below target, which I lowered for the third time, and went 4.5 pounds below that but gained 1.5 pounds in the last two weeks to get to the target range.
I know what to do if I gain weight but it is just so hard finding the happy medium.
I don't want to get back to the old eating habits, but over 4 months since reaching target I just can't seem to know exactly what to do!
My husband, who has always been supportive has told me that he thinks I am getting too thin and need to look after myself. I REALLY am trying, but short of stuffing my face again, I don't know what else to do!
I guess it will eventually settle, but it is not an easy journey.
Good luck Ian. It's not easy but with group support, you can do it!
I have also found it very very hard.

Like Sonia, I continued to lose weight and eventually ended up nearly a stone below target (partly due to the flu). Then my ww leader convinced me to lower my target to that weight, which was fine for a while, but eventually I struggled to maintain that lower weight. Since xmas I have constantly been 'dieting' and yet not dropping weight. I am still in the healthy bmi range, and still below my original target weight, but I am probably chasing the impossible - I think its going to take another bout of flu to get me back down to my newer target weight!
Its very depressing, and really gets me down to be honest. For example I got a gift voucher for xmas for my fave restaurant, I keep saying to hubby we will go when I get back to target......... lets face it, I am never going to get to go!!!!!

So anyway, my advice is to make sure your target is realistic!!!


Alomst there :)
I'm currently in my first week at target. I'm really nervous about this week's WI because I have just been totally off plan, not necessarily really bad, but off plan (except for one night out)... I would probably be ok if I was calorie counting, or doing WW, but I feel like I've been really naughty because not all of my food has been SW oreintated if you know what I mean?? I've been so used following the plan, that any other way of eating just does feel wrong now. I know I am making healthier choices... I'm very scared of slipping back into my old ways, but I think it's the fear that's stopping me. I have had a few things that aren't necessarily healthy, like 4 maryland cookies, but pre-SW the whole packet would have been gone over 3 hours ago!!!


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Thank you all... Definately alot to think about. I know i'm not going to keep the weight off by skipping group - i'm going to be there every Monday night without fail.

Camille - Food optimising for life - i feel just the same. It took me 8 months (out of the 17 i've now been doing it) to realise it - but i can't imagine another way of eating now.

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