Scared to be small

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I'm not sure about anyone else but I starting to feel a bit scared about being small. I've not been this thin the whole of my adult life and I'm getting worried about getting thinner. I think its affecting my ability to get back into LT aswell. I just think my life is going to be sooo different.
I know I should just stop being stupid and think of my health but was just wondering if anyone else felt the same.
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It will of course affect different aspects of your life but I don't think you need to be worried about it. It can only be good, right?

Me, I can't wait! :D


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i am guessing from your post you have been overweight all your adult life - until now. I suppose your mental attitude has to adjust to the change. You have to learn to see yourself as a regular sized person rather than a big person.

You will get used to it, and i kind of know what you mean when you say you are scared. I am nervous about maintaining. I do worry it will fly back on and i will have wasted my time.

I think what we need to do is to learn to think like thin people. Thin people eat carefully and healthily. They tend to exercise regularly too. If we do those things then we will get into the swing of it and it will become second nature to us.


Here we go again!
Total agree with everything you just said Purpleangel. Can't wait to be small. It's been a long time since I was but the health benefits are huge and so important. Also it will be nice to wear nice jeans and boots for a change!


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now heres a question i can answer from first hand experience.
when i lost my weight last year i got down from a size 18 to a size 8/10. initially everyones reaction was great and i found it so exciting to be a size that id not even aimed for..(originally was just going for 10 1/2 stone which i thought would take me a size 12..wrong)
after a while everyone stopped saying how good i looked as they got used to me being like that and i found that hard..but also what i found hardest was trying to come to terms with how i felt inside.. that even though i still felt fat i actually wasnt. when id sit down in my daughters size 8 trousers at work and they fit so well, i still felt fat...isnt it wierd. now im back losing this damn weight again not at the start but having to lose another 33lbs of which i should never have put back on, purely and simply because i couldnt get my head around the fact i was smaller.
this time anyway, im more aware of how im going to feel so im going to make sure i damned well keep it off this time!
just give yourself time and if you do slip up when you get to your goal, dont beat yourself up about will happen . the idea is to get straight back on the diet and do something about it quickly.
hope that helps

h xxx
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and remember, fat is not a feeling,, no matter how much we feel it... fat is a bunch of cells you get because you are overeating etc. I know it is hard but i think if you get your head round the fact that fat or thin is not actually a feeling, but physiological then you can get your head round the change, or the perceived change people see in you.. you will be, after all, exactly the same person inside, thin people have good days bad days insecurities etc... so dont beat yourself up and loose the weight, excersize and the good feelings will come.. good luck x


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Yeah, I'm worried my husband is going to have to beat people off me with a stick... but I'll deal!


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Oh I know what you mean, it will be so different and strange at first. I've been fat since birth, so I can totally understand what you mean.

But you shouldn't be worried or anything, you should feel happy, you're finally going to be at the weight that you've always wanted to be at.


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I can totally understand how you feel, if I allow myself to think how it will be when I get slimmer its weird and strange and unknown and yes scary but how I want it so much more than it feeling strange. Its an adjustment and thats for sure expecially if you have been overweight for some time but hey its positive, give yourself 2 or 3 core reasons that you are losing the weight and keep thinking about them always, this is what i'm doing right now. I love the positive tho of when and not if....:)